Saturday, September 22, 2012

Jd' Star Battle Station Jd' 1/19/00 GET MIRACLE Burning Hot '99 taped 12/28/99 Tokyo Korakuen Hall

Jd' Star Yoshimoto Pro on Samurai TV 12/99-1/00 Part 1

Megumi Yabushita vs Yoko Kosugi

Yabushita won with a strange double wrist clutch suplex that I've never seen before. This was seriously awesome. One of the better opening matches I've ever seen. They went back and forth and did so many things off the top. This whole match was a highlight reel and is worth seeing. Rating:***

Sachie Abe & Obatchi Iizuka vs. Hiroyo Muto & Ranmaru
Sachie dives
Ranmaru Spider German's Obacchi

Corkscrew La Silla
Ranmaru won with the corkscrew La Silla. What they showed was pretty awesome. These girls were flying everywhere, but Obacchi also had to use her usual stuff with hitting people with fruits(not joking here). This looked good but probably benefitted from being so short. Rating:**

Saya Endo vs Kazuki
Endo and crew dropkick Kazuki
Endo won with the Dragon Suplex. They clipped this alot but what they showed was pretty good. This was one of the better outings I've seen of Saya Endo. Kazuki was almost invisible here.

Crusher Maedomari & Morimatsu vs. The Bloody & Fang Suzuki
Blood eats a chair

A cane vs chair duel
Crusher and Morimatsu pinned Fang for the win. Crusher, her partner and Fang are all limited so Bloody had to carry all of this. Bloody did a good job though and they stuck with the weapons and brawling so this wasn't as bad as this should have been. Rating:*1/2

Lioness came out and received some kind of award.

Sumie Sakai vs Nanae Takahashi
Nanae won with a botched Nanaracka. This was a good match with a fast pace. These two work simple enough styles that can really work with anyone. Sumie slipped up the one top rope frankensteiner as you can see above which looked totally nasty. I enjoyed this, but the opener was similar and a hundred times better. Rating:**

Cooga Retirement and TWF Title match: Cooga vs Lioness Asuka (c)
Lioness won with the LSD(Leg Hooked Cradle Shock) in a very good match. Cooga tried her best here but was still a little off. Lioness controlled most of the match and Cooga spent most of it kicking out of everything. They did a good job but I never really thought Cooga was going to win it unfortunately. Some people have said that this was Cooga's best performance but I was left a little underwhelmed as I think I've seen better from her. Anyway, definitely worth a look. Rating:***

Cooga unmasked after the match:
Overall thoughts: Good show. Every match was good with the opener being really awesome. Definitely worth a look!

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