Thursday, September 20, 2012

TNA Impact Wrestling 9/20/2012 Review

TNA Impact Wrestling 9/20/2012 Review

Last week's show is here:

Hulk Hogan met Shaq (yes, that Shaq) backstage and said that he was glad to have an angel in his corner. Shaq said he's across the street and has Hulk's back. Shaq then showed his Superman tattoo.

Kurt Angle and AJ Styles came out. They called out Chavo and Hernandez and told them to "come get some".

Kurt Angle and AJ Styles vs Chavo Guerrerro Jr. and Hernandez
Kaz and Daniels stood on the rampway during this, then eventually ran in ruining a good match. They attacked both teams but ran for it when Hernandez came back in. Everything up to this was very good. Chavo and Hernandez are a great big guy/little guy tag team and face Chavo is worth your time. Very nice match, minus the finish. Rating:**1/2

Hulk Hogan came out with a bat and he said that it will be a 3-way at Bound for Glory since both teams involved in the match showed they wanted it.  This made sense atleast and punished Kaz and Daniels for interferring.

Someone followed Al Snow backstage that involved asking Al when his last haircut was. They then talked about the upcoming Gut Check and Joey Ryan. Snow said that he was getting called to the principal's office and he will see if he crossed the link or not.

Hulk talked to someone on the phone who said he had evidence in hand. Samoa Joe talked about an old Bound for Glory moment of his when he jumped off the skybox onto the stairs on Sting.

Dixie talked with Bruce Prichard in the back. They said all they can do is keep their eyes open.

Evan Markopolus vs Doug Williams
They announced this like a game show, calling Evan a contestant. Evan's dad was at ringside and the crowd was pretty into Evan. Evan's pretty sympathetic as he's young and wimpy looking. He really looks like a taller and skinnier Chavo. I liked him. He didn't do much but sell, but he's 18 and it would be feel good story if he makes it. Doug won with a ground submission here which Evan tapped out to pretty quickly.

Cowboy James Storm came out. Storm says he wants Roode's blood on his hands. He said he needs the coward to come out. Rude said Storm would never be a champion and wouldn't fight him even though it's Open Fight Night. He said it's over between them. Hogan said Roode had 3 minutes to get ready to fight or he's not going to be fighting again anytime soon.

James Storm vs Bobby Roode
They started fighting up on the ramp and Roode fought this in his jeans. Roode took a drink of Storm's beer during this, then Storm took the bottle back and poured it in a fan's mouth. Storm then hit Roode's head off of a fan's shoe. The ref called this one off right in the middle of it as they were outside fighting. They were outside almost the whole time so I don't know why the ref decided to call it when he did. They then fought out in the aisle way and the camera's cut to Hulk in the back.

Tara came out and said that the fans use her. She mentioned having a Hollywood boyfriend, but didn't say who. Let the speculation or not caring run wild. They ran a promo for MMA Uncensored Live at the same time and that got my attention instead. She called out Hemme who she called a "working girl". Miss Tessamacher then came out trying to get revenge. Tara then left. Tara then talked with Brooke Hogan in the back and she said she taught Tessamacher a lesson about keeping your enemies close. Nobody including myself seemed to have any idea what was going on here.

RVD talked about his Bound for Glory memories like wrestling Jerry Lynn. I'm surprised he can remember anything to be honest.

Hogan came out and said that Ace's and 8's are holding Joseph Park hostage. Ace's and 8's said something on camera but I couldn't undertand any of it. Hulk says he know's where they are at and their phone number, but I don't know why he doesn't go get them.  The ace's broke a laptop with a hammer and hit Park with it.

Aries called out Bully Ray. Bully Ray was mad about it and told a fan who touched him that he will punch him if he does it again.  That was probably the highlight of this show. Aries then dove on Ray leading to:

Austin Aries vs Bully Ray
Ray literally put his finger in Aries' eye for about 5 seconds. I liked that one. Hebner got mad at Ray at one point and stood up to Ray's breaking of the rules. Hebner later took a bump after getting Aries thrown into him. Aries got Bully to submit, but there was no ref. Aries went to wake him up and Ray got his chain. Ray hit Aries with his chain to get the win. This match was okay and heated, but I don't like Ray so nothing he does is going to make me think he is good. I think he's probably doing the best he can, but when I see Ray, I don't see a main eventer.

Overall thoughts: Not a great show. Gut Check was fine, the opening tag was good and the Storm/Roode brawl was very ECW like. Also, what was up with Shaq randomly appearing then not coming back? I really didn't enjoy it that much and I'd say this episode was skippable.


  1. "but I don't like Ray so nothing he does is going to make me think he is good". That right there is why a first time reader is now a last time reader of your site.

    1. Wrestling is all about perspective. Who a person likes(as a wrestler/character/person) makes a big difference in who a person finds to be good or not. Ultimate Warrior had a ton of decent stuff but few people liked him and therefore, considered his stuff bad. Other similar examples include John Cena, Tiger Mask and Greg Gagne. It also works the other way, as people who like certain wrestlers tend to find them to be better than others give them credit for. In particular, I saw this alot with Mark Henry, The Great Khali and other people in the past like Kurt Angle, Chief Jay Strongbow, Snitsky, etc.

      I don't think Bully Ray is good. I've seen more bad matches from him than good matches over the past 15+ years of his career. I'm also very overexposed to him, since I've probably seen him almost every week for the last 15 years. He does some good things, but he's a midcarder at best. Some people just aren't main eventers, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

      If you don't agree with that, it's totally cool with me. My opinion isn't any more wrong or right than yours, it's just my take on it. We aren't going to agree on everything and who knows, we might not even agree on anything.

      Thanks for the comment.