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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 1/25/2013 Review and Results

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 1/25/2013 Review and Results

Last week's show is here:

Kane and DB argued over who would win the Rumble until Big Show came out:
They announced that the Big Show wouldn't be in the Royal Rumble.

"On Sunday, I'm going to squish that bug and if you two don't get out of my way right now, I'll squish the both of ya." - Big Show
"Daniel Bryan, you are making a big mistake. You are putting the cart before the horse, or should I say, the cart before the goat." - Sandow
Team Rhodes Scholars said they would win the titles at the Royal Rumble. They tried to form an alliance with Big Show to take out Team Hell No, when Alberto's music hit.
Naturally, like he always does, EVERY WEEK, Booker T came down to make a match.

Booker T made a 6-man elimination tag match between them.

Sheamus vs Wade Barrett
Sheamus got the win with a Brogue Kick. Very good match here with lots of clubbering and stiff shots. This is by far my favorite match between the two and is well worth a look. This is what I've been wanting from these two for a while now. Rating:***1/4

Natalya vs Rosa Mendes
"She serves a purpose. She's got many assets as you can see." - Epico on Rosa's role | "What role does she serve?" - JBL | "Uhh..(something in spanish} and she's a good dancer." - Epico
Natalya got the win with a sharpshooter.  Hornswoggle started dancing and Rosa Mendes lost focus, leading to the Natalya win. This was really good for a Rosa match but the focus was pretty much on anything else but the match.

CM Punk came out to call out The Shield:
 Punk said he was scared of The Shield blowing it for him at the Royal Rumble. Heyman read a letter from the WWE Board saying that if The Shield interferes, Punk loses his title. He then called out The Shield.
"I've never asked you to attack Rock. I never asked you to attack Ryback at TLC. I never asked you for anything in my life." - CM Punk
"If justice is what you stand for, then we never have to cross paths again." - CM Punk
The Shield then left without saying a word. CM Punk then said he was the greatest of all time which brought The Rock out.
"The Rock's heart says, you are a liar and you're working with The Shield. The Rock's heart says, he just don't give a d@mn. Know why? Because the Rock's boot says it's getting shoved straight up your candy a$$." - Rock
"I'm going to hook you for the Rock Bottom. I'm going to launch you into the air and when I get here, time will stand still. You will have one thought in your mind and it's not gonna be are you the best in the world, it's not gonna be that you're the greatest of all time, CM Punk, your final thought will be - it's over." - The Rock
"If you smell what The Rock is cookin." - The Rock
Good segment here that got right to the point.

Randy Orton vs Drew McIntyre
If this was only under a different gimmick...
Jinder ran in for the DQ on Drew McIntyre. Orton beat up all of 3MB after.

The Miz vs Darren Young
The Miz won with a Figure Four in quick fashion, making both PTP's look like total goofs. Cesaro was at the booth for this but didn't say much.

Elimination Match - Alberto Del Rio and Team Hell No vs The Big Show and Team Rhodes Scholars
Damien Sandow got taken out quick with a Kane chokeslam.
Kane then got eliminated seconds later as Big Show KO punched him on the outside.
You can spot the production guys which is rather rare
Big Show then took out DB with a knockout punch as he got counted out.
Alberto then got Show counted out with multiple kicks.
Alberto then won with a springboard enzugiri on Cody Rhodes. The match wasn't bad but it was rather quick and not that special. Decent stuff but it was weird how pretty much no one interfered or bothered to try and help their partners up while they were getting counted out. It was also kind of weird for ADR to get the winning pin on Cody and for the finish not to have Big Show in it.
Show then counted ADR out in English and in Spanish. Pretty good angle here to close the show.

Overall thoughts: Good show that was one of the more important SD's in a while. The Rock was good, the opener was good, the main event was decent and the closing angle was very good. Overall, this is a worthwhile SD that is worth a look.

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