Tuesday, January 15, 2013

WWC 1/13/2013

WWC 1/13/2013

WWC doesn't list who is in each match, so if I make a mistake, let me know.

El Diabolico vs Sebastian Guerra
The finish

Sebastian Guerra won with a full nelson here. Not a good looking one at all. This was really basic stuff and not that good at all. They even messed up a slam.

WWC Classic - Carlos Colon vs Savio Vega
They brawled until the Super Medicos and Frankie Lancaster broke it up.

El Mesias Ricky Banderas vs Apolo
Both of these guys are TNA alum and are long time stars of Puerto Rico since the Attitude era.
A fan tries to throw Ricky a chair.
The match ended after this, right after it was heating up. No clue if it was the end of the match or if that's all they were showing. It got better towards the end but was a little rough to that point. Apolo really hasn't improved much in the last decade since I've seen him and I've never been a huge fan of Mesias aside from his gimmick.

That's it for the matches on here.

Overall thoughts: Skip it. Two matches with no finishes and one that sucked.

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  1. Wrestling in PR has always been about juice, but judging from that main event, it's a different kind of juice these days.