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WWE Saturday Morning Slam 1/26/2013 Review

WWE Saturday Morning Slam 1/26/2013 Review

Last week's show is here:

Daniel Bryan and Josh Matthews are on commentary.

The Miz vs Darren Young
The same match happened yesterday. The report on that is here:

Titus blew his whistle to start then picked Young's fro. Naturally, Miz then messed with it. Miz did his corner clothesline and they cut away from him. Young got put on the outside then Titus called for a timeout, as we took a timeout for commercial.

We came back and they pushed DB being "The Dazzler" more, which is some name he's been working with for a while now. I don't know anything about it though other than seeing it namedropped.

Young did a buttsplash to Miz's stomach and put Miz in the abdominal stretch. DB said he didn't like Sandow's beard. Miz hit a clothesline, then we cut away, along with two other cutaway in 5 seconds off knee's and a neckbreaker. DY went for a DVD type move and Miz reversed it into a Skull Crushing Finale for the win.

The match was alright and Miz has gotten better lately, but this was nothing special. It was better than their Smackdown match though.

Kofi Kingston vs Epico
They did a small highlight reel of Kofi pre-match. They said he's been on fire lately, but I wouldn't call wrestling on Superstars "being on fire".  DB again announced that he is "The Dazzler". No Rosa with the Colon's. WHY? She's not PG?

DB said he is dazzling, so he is The Dazzler. He also said, "If you don't like Bryan, there's no point in tryin'". Kofi recovered off a monkey flip and did one of his own. Kofi then catapulted Epico onto Primo on the outside which was a nice bump as we went to break.

We came back with Kofi faking a diva then getting offense in. He hit the boom drop then put  one of them in an airplane spin. The other jumped in and wasn't DQ'd. Kofi then hit an SOS on Epico for the win. DB said he wasn't impressed with the airplane spin. The match wasn't bad but it was pretty much just an extended squash.

Natalya interviewed Zack Ryder and they announced Dolph Ziggler vs Zack Ryder for next week. Zack brought up Dolph beating him for the US title and he said 2013 will be the year for the broski's. Dolph interjected and he brought up having Big E and AJ with him. Zack asked if Dolph was crazy and AJ said, "What did you call me?".  Dolph said they would settle it next week.

Overall thoughts: Nothing overtly bad and nothing too good. I do love how they set up a match with a story though in less than 60 seconds. I wish the other shows could adopt that.

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