Friday, January 25, 2013

WWC 1/20/2013 Review

WWC 1/20/2013 Review

Matches only as usual as I don't speak Spanish.

Carlito vs "Mr. Ray-tings" Ray Gonzalez

Savio Vega interfered for Carlito
Invader #1 interfered for Ray Gonzalez
I think Carlito got DQ'd for Savio Vega interfering and/or for throwing out a ref. Your call there. They had a fun brawl with some good heat until everyone hit the ring and started interfering. They did a good job in making me want to see Savio Vega and Carlito vs Ray Gonzalez and Invader #1.

Mr. X vs Samson Walker
Because this is Puerto Rico Mr. X becomes Mr. Eckies, due to the way X is pronounced in Spanish.
Samson Walker squashed Mr. X with a DVD in quick fashion here. Nothing really to see. Can I make the joke of the 310 on Walker's back standing for his weight?

El Mesias Ricky Banderas vs Apollo

The finish
Apollo got the win after putting Ricky Banderas through a table. Good match here with lots of heat, weapons and hate! This was really fun and was worth the wait. Not a super great match or really anything that amazing, but it was fun for what it was and it worked for me. Rating:***

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