Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sumo January Hatsu Basho Day 8

Sumo January Hatsu Basho Day 8

Orora vs Wakarikido

Orora wins! Wow! He looked like he was going to lose and was on the edge but his opponent just couldn't put him down. So he turned him around and pushed him out.

Jokoryu vs Oiwato
Oiwato's been having a great tournament.

Jokoryu beat him though! Big upset in my books even though it really wasn't. Both men are now at 6-2 and Oiwato's great run may come to an end.

Takanoyama vs Daikiho

Beautiful win by Takanoyama today to take out Daiki. He was on the edge and looked done but like a dancer, he took a step to the side and was able to put Daiki down. That's some serious balance there.

Tochinowaka vs Okinoumi

Tochinowaka took the loss today. Don't know what happened there but he just couldn't get it done.

Takarafuji vs Tamawashi
Takara is 6-1 going into this and needs the win.
No problem for him though as he really sent his opponent flying with style today!

Baruto vs Aminishiki
Nice win by Baruto today. He had solid footing and pushed hard up to take out Aminishiki. He goes to 5-3 to keep the dream alive.

Kotooshu vs Tochiozan
Baurto slipped and slid all over the place to take the win today. He got really lucky as he probably should have been on the losing end, but he had enough power to get Tochiozan out.

Goeido vs Kakuryu
Goeido got the upset win today to take down an Ozeki! Nothing too special about this one but a win is a win and Goeido is looking great coming out of this tournament.

Kisenosato vs Shohozan
Kisen easily overpowered his opponent to put Shoho down to 2-6. Shohozan has one loss left to give here. Not good.

Toyonoshima vs Kotoshogiku
Fun match with Koto using some serious power to take out Toyo.

Hakuho vs Kaisei
Easy 3 second win for Hakuho today. Watch out for Hakuho as he's been very dominant.

Harumafuji vs Gagamaru
Great win by Harumafuji. He overpowered the much stronger opponent and got nice and low on him to take it. Harumafuji has an answer for everything this tournament.


8-0: Harumafuji

7-1: Hakuho, Takarafuji

6-2: Kisenosato, Takayasu, Shotenro and Tochinowaka

5-3: Kakuryu, Kotooshu, Kotoshogiku, Goeido, Baruto, Aoiyama, Kitataiki, etc.

4-4: Myogiryu, Kaisei, Tokitenku and Fujazuma

3-5: Aran, Tochiozan, Ikioi, Aminishiki and others

2-6: Shohozan, Gagamaru, Kyokutenho, Masunoyama, etc.

1-7: None

0-8: Toyohibiki and Miyabiyama


  1. My skinny boy Miyakojima down in Jonokuchi didn't have a match day, but I found an even smaller guy, Oshio. He's currently Jonidan #74w, he's 23, debuted in late 2010. He's 167 cm, 67 kg, i.e. he's as tall as Manami Toyota and once he gains about 8-10 kg, will be her current size, heh.

    He seems to have good quickness and technique, but I wonder how guys like him ever gets accepted to a stable. He's too old to get any taller (at least Miyakojima is tall) and even if he gains a lot of weight, he'll still be one of the shortest rikishi. I'm sure he must have been really good at judo or freestyle wrestling, but there's just no way I can see him getting too far. You might be a 5'9 180 lb guy that's a great high school offensive lineman, but you aren't making it to the NFL.

    I know you hated Takanoyama's henka yesterday, but you had to love today's win. I'm not as down on the henka as you--I think it's part of the sport and anyone who lauches themselves into the third row, against Takanoyama in particular, deserves to lose just for being stupid.

    Both Mongolian yokozuna are looking great-unless one of them gets hurt or their are some big upsets, I think they'll battle for the yusho on the final day.

    Baruto looked good today, but I can't see him beating either yokozuna. Those guys didn't become yokozuna by losing very much, especially to wounded prey. Maybe Kotooshu will get his 8 wins and give Baruto a break ;-)

  2. Oshio's stablemate Shuho (both from the Shikihide beya) is pretty much the same size/age and is at the bottom of Jonidan, #92e. This stable's highest rated guy is a Mongolian named Sensho that is Makushita #2e. That guy's peak was being in Juryo for one basho about a year ago, so I'm guessing this is one of the lesser stables.

  3. You should check out Baraki. He is by far the smallest I believe.

    I think they pretty much take anyone now(unless you're a foreigner), as they only had something like 150 or 50 new recruits this year total. Since there are 47 stables, that's like 1 or 3 per stable, which is not good.

    Being born shorter may be the biggest disadvatange in society these days. I'm 5'10 and feel tiny sometimes. What I wouldn't give to be about 6'5 or so. Then again, I'd probably be wrestling and not writing about wrestling if I was lol

    Takano's win today was pure class. That's the Takanoyama I like!

    I did some record checking today and Baruto has the best chance of beating Harumafuji, lesser of a chance with Kotooshu and no chance at all with Hakuho.

    It's definitely looking likely that the yokozuna will meet in the end, though I do think that Harumafuji is going to let one slip before the Hakuho match on the last day.

    By far, Kotooshu/Kotooshogiku have the best stable. One of the yokozuna have someone near makuuchi though. There is another stable, possibly Kakuryu's that have two people in Makuuchi, but I forget which.

    I always wonder how important the stable is in developing someone. Because as you mentioned, you can't teach height/size.