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CMLL on CadenaTres 1/26/2013

CMLL on CadenaTres 1/26/2013

Last week's show is here:

Marcela, Dark Angel Sarah Stock and Lady Afrodita vs Tiffany, La Commandante and Seuxis

The rudas take the first fall as Lady Afrodita gets crushed by a Seuxis tornillo.
The technicas take the second fall.
The rudas won the match when Comandante put a rocking chair on Dark Angel. Not a good one here. All Tiffany wanted to do was smack people in the butt and Lady Afrodita is pretty awful. Very few highlights from this and I'm glad it's over.

La Sombra, Shocker and Super Porky vs Mr. Niebla, Niebla Roja and Ultimo Guerrero
Mr. Niebla gets the first fall for his team.
The technicos take the 2nd.

Zacarias el Perico gets tossed.
Niebla fouls Sombra for the technicos win.
The technicos won after a nut shot on Sombra. Dumb finish and most of the match was goofing around but there was some okay stuff in there. Shocker is seriously getting big these days though. Porky was barely in there and this was about Niebla/Sombra and little else.

Torneo Cibernetico
They start out with a battle royale to sort out teams with Atlantis, La Mascara, Diamante, Sagrado, Volador Jr.  Euforia, Mr. Aguila, Rey Escorpion, Blue Panther, Maximo, Stuka, Delta, Psicosis II, Mephesto, El Felino and Morphosis. We then went to the Cibernetico.

Sagrado went out first by Delta I believe with a cradle that didn't look like a three to me. Sagrado felt the same way but the ref didn't care and sent him packing.
Metamorphosis pins Felino with a La Magistral

Rey Escorpion pins Atlantis
Euphoria then got Delta to submit to a ground dragon sleeper. After the pictures above they proceeded to have the most botched exchange I've seen in some time. They screwed up everything for 30 seconds straight before Delta got out.
Blue Panther eliminates Mephisto
Mr. Aguila then eliminated Morphosis with an asai moonsault right after.
Stuka Jr. eliminates Diamante
Volador Jr. then eliminated Blue Panther with a backcracker.
Maximo eliminates Mr. Aguila after a kiss.
Maximo and Stuka get a double pin to eliminate each other.
La Mascara eliminates Psicosis II
Mije gets tossed
Volador Jr eliminates La Mascara
Rey Escorpion takes off Volador's mask and gets Euphoria eliminated for it!
Volador Jr and Rey Escorpion win the torneo cibernetico for their team after Euphoria got blamed for taking off Volador's mask. The finish was amusing, but kind of a so-so way to end a match. The cibernetico was decent but not as good as the mini's one and not as good as it could have been. The end of the match was kind of long and the beginning of it was definitely rushed, leaving alot of guys just in there for 10 seconds only. Still it is a cibernetico and there was cool flying all around and the match wasn't short on excitement. It really could have used more exchanges though with some of the wrestlers and maybe even a longer length to get those exchanges in. Rating:***

CMLL Heavyweight Title - Terrible vs Rush
Terrible won in the third with a nut shot when the ref wasn't looking. The match was good with some nasty looking slaps and some nice stiff dropkicks. Rush did a nice flip dive over the top and I did like the quick surprise pins they kept pulling on each other. This was pretty much all heel vs heel here and it worked. I was pleasantly surprised by how good this was and I'd definitely be up for a rematch. Rating:***1/4

Overall thoughts: Two ***+ matches make this worth a look!

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