Saturday, January 19, 2013

Sumo January Hatsu Basho Day 7

Sumo January Hatsu Basho Day 7

Osunaarashi(3-0) vs Iwasaki(3-0)

Big power battle here with Osuna grabbing his opponent and jumping forward until they reached the edge where he pushed him out.

Chiyonokuni(J2) vs Takanoyama(J5)
Sidestep is all you need to know here. Chiyono took a dive into the first row. Obviously I don't condone this behavior.

Jokoryu(M15)(4-2) vs Kotoyuki(M15)(2-4)

Good sumo here with Koto trying to hang on tight before getting eliminated.

Tochinowaka(M15)(5-1) vs Wakanasato(M11)(2-4)
Wakanasato was looking beat up here as he had a rough time getting in position and just got overpowered each step by Tochino. Tochinowaka is looking really strong at 6-1. He only needs three or four more and he could be getting a promotion.

Baruto(S)(3-3) vs Tochiozan(K)(3-3)
Baruto wins! Nice win by Baruto, showing confidence and pushing straight forward for the victory.

Goeido(S)(4-2) vs Kisenosato(O)(4-2)
Kisen was in control the whole time and pulled his opponent straight down for the W.

Kotoshogiku(O)(4-2) vs Shohozan(K)(1-5)
Great effort by Shohozan in taking the win! He and Koto traded control and were all over the place before Shohozan turned and took Koto down for the W! Big upset here and a great win in a bad tournament for Sho!

Kotooshu(O)(3-3) vs Gagamaru(M4)(2-4)
Koto got a very low grip under Gaga's mawashi and pulled him down for the victory. Nice technique for the W.

Kaisei(M3)(4-2) vs Harumafuji(Y)(6-0)
Very good sumo from Harumafuji today as he controlled his opponent every which way and turned him around before dumping him out. Who's gonna stop Harumafuji at 7-0?

Hakuho(Y)(5-1) vs Toyohibiki(M3)(0-6)
Great hiptoss by Hakuho to take the W and to go to 6-1.

Rankings after Day 7:

7-0: Harumafuji

6-1: Hakuho, Takarafuji, Oiwato and Tochinowaka

5-2: Kisenosato, Kakuryu, Tochinoshin, Takayasu, Chiyotairyu, Kitataiki, Sadanofuji, Shotenro and Jokoryu.

4-3: Kotooshu, Kotoshogiku, Goeido, Baruto, Kaisei, Aoiyama and Okinoumi.

3-4: Tochiozan, Aminishiki, Myogiryu, Toyonoshima, Aran, Ikioi, Tokitenku, Fujiazuma, Takanoyama, etc.

2-5: Shohozan, Gagamaru, Masunoyama, etc.

1-6: Kyokutenho, Daido.

0-7: Toyohibiki, Homaasho(I think he pulled out) and Miyabiyama.

Makushita rankings:
4-0: Osunaarashi and Oniarashi

I also did some lower level stuff off the live sumo stream if anyone is interested(doubtful).

Yato vs Tochinokuni
Yato slipped here but used his slip to leverage a throw to send Tochinokuni rolling off the dohyo.

Kasugasato vs  Kainokura
Battle of the 3-0's here with Kasuga 2-0 all time over Kaino. False start to start here. Kasuga went down hard here.

Tomonofuji vs Kurenishiki
Weak tachi-ai here for Tomono to take a very easy win on the spiritless Kurenishiki. Tomonofuji goes to 1-3.


Isenohama vs Motokiyama
Sandanme action here with both at 1-2. Odd tie up here with both men going to their side with Motokiyama biting the dust to go to 1-3.

Tokiarashi vs Kirizakura
Battle of the 2-1's. Toki edged out this rough one as Kiri was hanging by a thread multiple times.

Oseumi vs Tamanotaka
More 2-1's here. This went near two minutes before Tama hiptossed Oseumi down. Oseumi wobbled alot but they stalemated mostly.

Shunba vs Nakazono
0-3's here. They met quick and Shunba let off making Nakazono dive face first into the dirt.

Rikishin vs Chiyohayate
2-1's in their first meeting. False start at first. Chiyo is very thin. Chiyo tried to use his speed but turned his back and got pushed out.

Koryuyama vs Chiyoshuho
2-1's here. False start to get us going, then another. Koryu won here.

Toofuji vs Akatsuki
Akatsuki is one of the few one character sumo names. Too is a big one. Both guys fought hard here until Too got tired out and got pushed out.

Saio vs Wakanofuji
1-2's here. Very nice defense by Wakano here to save himself and win.

Sd83w  Kototsubasa (2-1)  vs Sd80w Ryuozan (2-1)
Very quick one with Ryuozan slapping low on the stomach to win.
Sd79w Terunosato (0-3)  vs Sd76w  Kozan (0-3)
The singer is wearing out here as his voice is cracking. The crowd even laughed after his final note! Then they cheered him for trying. Gotta love sumo. Teru is a big boy and he dominated here just overpowering Kozan for the very quick push out.

Sd75e Takatenshu (1-2) vs Sd81e Kotohayato (1-2)
The singer got replaced here. Poor guy. Someone buy him a beer. Koto pulled down his opponent and he did a rough flop on the floor.

Sd73e Haruzakura (2-1) vs Sd77w Hokutotsuru (2-1)
Hokuto pushed too hard and got his momentum used his against him as he did a great dive forward. Hey, he tried.
Sd72e Gorikiyama (1-2) vs Sd74e Kiriarashi (1-2)
Ouch! Kiri did a nasty split in the efforts of putting down his opponent and failing. Not a fun way to lose.

Sd70e Yoshifuji (2-1) vs Sd71e Daishokai (2-1)
Strong tachi-ai with Yoshi getting hit hard and never recovering to take the loss.

Sd71w Azumasato (3-0) vs Sd66w Tokushuzan (3-0)
Great sumo by Azuma. He was getting overpowered and finally went to his side to use Toku's power and speed against him to get the W. Nice win.

Sd65e Aoimaru (2-1) vs Sd69e Tochikasuga (2-1)
Long one here with Aoimaru finally pushing Tochika off at around 1 minute.
Sd63e Suekawa (1-2) vs Sd65w Daishodo (1-2)
Quick one here with Dai getting the win.

Sd60e  Miura (2-1)  vs  Sd63w Daishowaka (2-1)
Daishowaka is frickin' tall. Miura edged out a really gutsy win here as he was on the edge with one leg then switched his leg inside to toss Diashowaka. Even had a monoii(decision) here. Oops, after the decision they gave it to Daishowaka. Wish I had a replay on that as it was too close.

Sd62e  Fujiarashi (1-2) vs Sd58w Koriyama (1-2)
False start by Kori to start here. Fuji got off balance going backwards and Kori pushed him down on his chest to win.

Sd62w  Komanokuni (3-0) vs Sd56w Shinohara (3-0)
Shinohara fought very hard but Koma was just too fat and used to his size to win. Plus he landed on him for extra pain.

Sd57w Isshinryu (2-1) vs   Sd54w   Kawaraumi (2-1)
Too much power for Isshi as he ran himself out of the ring.

Sd55e   Dangan (1-2)  vs  Sd52w   Yotsugamine (1-2)
Both guys wobbled here before Yotsu pushed him hard out.

Sd57e   Araumago (0-3) vs  Sd51w  Yuki (0-3)

Nice effort by both guys before Arau slipped out during a throw. Arau has some seriously ripped legs. The top half though, melty would be the word for it.

Sd49e Tsurunoumi (1-2)  vs Sd51e Kasugamine (1-2)
Long one here with both guys breathing loudly with Kasuga taking it. Tsuru finally went for a move but just got pushed out.

Sd49w Sotenryu (2-1)  vs  Sd47w Fukunokuni (2-1)
Close one here with Fuku falling first.

Sd46w Kotodairyu (1-2) vs Sd44w Dewanosato (1-2)
Nice aggressive sumo here by Dewa as he pushed his man everywhere before pushing him out.

Sd45e Takakasuga (2-1) vs  Sd42w Tochinobori (2-1
False start by Taka. Fun match with Taka trying to evade his opponent. But he got slapped and then pushed far out.

Sd41e   Genkaiho (1-2) vs Sd44e   Kasugashima (1-2)
Very close one here with Kasuga winning near the edge.

Sd39e   Okoryu (2-1) vs Sd41w   Shibahara (2-1)
Shiba eliminated himself here as he went for the throw and went too far down and fell.

Sd37e   Owaka (1-2) vs Sd40e   Ryusei (1-2)
Quick one here with Ryusei pushing straight ahead and pushing Owaka out.

Sd37w   Fujinohana (2-1) vs Sd34w   Takamiryu (2-1)
Taka got the win here with the push out


  1. Yeah, watching the live stream is better when you find the day's line-up from the sumodb and get used to how the singer announces the names.

    I was watching when the guy's voice cracked as well, but after a couple of hours I see why the stands are virtually empty for the lower divisions.

    I'm guessing the only people there at the start are total diehards, people who know one of the green boys, or are people making a once in a lifetime trip and want to get their money's worth. However, if I ever went to Japan and went to sumo, I wouldn't go at the start because I don't think I could sit all day and I wouldn't want to miss the makuuchi.

    I think I'm more into sumo than joshi right now.

  2. I agree. They have Day 8's line-ups already up on that site.

    You are probably right on the people that go. I think pretty much everyone there would fit into those categories. I get the feeling that there are more people up in the stands that we can't see, especially way up there.

    I think the hardest part of the day would be cushions. They have to sit on bleachers all day and I imagine their backs must be burning not too long into it.

    Atleast we can watch sumo! All of the promotions need to get into the online streaming thing ASAP as it all seems to be pure profit. All of the US indies seem to make a little extra off of it.