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WWE Superstars 1/25/2013 Review

WWE Superstars 1/25/2013 Review

The quality here is not very good and I apologize.

The Great Khali vs Epico
Matt Striker and Tony "What is a headlock?" Dawson are your commentators.
"This match has everything. I haven't seen this much variety since I ended my subscription to" - Matt Striker
The Great Khali won with a tree slam. It was all squash and a total waste of time.

"Hey, look over here you oversized dummy. I don't know how you beat Epico..." - Primo
"This guy's practically unbeatable." - Primo
Primo then challenged Great Khali and he accepted.

Primo vs The Great Khali
"At this point, Primo is taller than the Great Khali. You could look at it that way, or you could just look at Rosa." - Matt Striker
"Does Khali go to the pay window twice now?" - Matt Striker
Khali then won with a brain chop in another easy squash. Will Rosa Mendes challenge him next?

Kofi Kingston vs JTG
Kofi has really gotten the short end of the stick after losing his title. I've almost forgotten about him.
Matt Striker asked Tony Dawson an odd question about how he would perform if he were competing for a spot as an announcer on Monday Night Raw and he said he'd want to perform like Kofi Kingston at the Royal Rumble. There must have been something more to this.
Tony Dawson told a bogus story about Kofi Kingston wanting to be a WWE superstar after seeing Rey Mysterio win the Royal Rumble. So he wanted to become a superstar after already being in the WWE system?
"Don't be a super hero, Kofi." - JTG
Kofi Kingston beat JTG with the Trouble in Paradise kick. The match was alright but nothing special. Kofi's comeback was decent but the result was never in doubt.

Overall thoughts:
Well, Rosa looked pretty good... She looked better on NXT though, so skip it.

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