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Sumo January Hatsu Basho Day 5

Sumo January Hatsu Basho Day 5

Day 4 is here:

How to watch:
Araibira's channel(Has all matches, no commentary) -
JasonsinJapan's channel(Top 6 matches plus commentary) -
Japan Sumo Associations live stream(On very early in USA night until early USA mornings)(Use Windows Media Player) -

For more on each wrestler, their stats, tournaments and schedules check out:

No pics/gifs today because I am too busy and already saw the stuff earlier.

Y = Yokozuna - 1st rank
O = Ozeki - 2nd rank
S = Sekiwake - 3rd rank
K = Komusubi - 4th rank
M and a number = Maegashira - 5th rank
J = Juryo = 6th rank and the top of the second division of sumo

Looks like no Osunaarashi today.

Ranbo vs Daishofuji
Ranbo tried one arm sumo today. It didn't work as he drops to 0-3.

Orora(0-2) vs Daikamikaze(0-2)
This is their first match and it was lousy. Orora was so unmotivated here and got his 600lbs pushed around like nothing to go to 0-3.

Takanoyama(J5)(2-2) vs Yoshiazuma(J-7)(0-4)
These two are dead even at 4-4 against each other. Yoshiazuma got the win just overpowering Takanoyama. Takanoyama really fought hard though and almost saved himself, but it is hard to beat people alot bigger than you.

Jokoryu(J1)(3-1) vs Satoyama(J3)(1-3)
This is their first match against each other. They went 3:15!! Talk about a long match. Sato had an inside grip and didn't want to lose it and because he was halfway over anyway, Jokoryu wanted to keep him like that. They were at a stalemate for most of this until Satoyama got Jokoryu out.

Tochinowaka(M15)(4-0) vs Sadanofuji(M12)
Don't let the records fool you. Sadanofuji is pretty good and could knock off Tochinowaka here. It doesn't hurt that Sadanofuji is 5-1 against him. Sadanofuji used dirty sumo to take the win today. He basically held Tochinowaka by his throat like he was doing a chokeslam and pushed him out. What can you really do when someone has you by the throat?

Kitataiki(M10) (4-0) vs Masunoyama(M7)(2-2)
Kita is 1-0 against Masunoyama. Kita got the win to go to 5-0 and to look like a decent threat in the tournament.

Takayasu(M7)(3-1) vs Chiyotairyu(M8)(3-1)
Takayasu is 1-0 against Chiyotairyu, unfortunately, he went down with a push down real fast and is now 1-1 against him as Chiyotairyu moves to 4-1.

Tochinoshin(M6)(4-0) vs Tokitenku(M9)(1-3)
Tokitenho is 6-5 against Tochinoshin. This was total bs. Tokitenku stepped aside and let Tochinoshin eliminate himself. Embarassing sumo and they oughta be putting out fines for this stuff. A guy who's been performing well and had a shot at winning just got screwed. The crowd even made an "ughh" sound after this. There's a few things that I don't think should be legal and side steps/grabbing people by the throat are two of them.

Aoiyama(M6)(3-1) vs Ikioi(M5)(1-3)
They are even at 2-2. Aoiyama went down quick to go to 3-2.

Gagamaru(M4)(2-2) vs Kaisei(M3)(3-1)
They are even at 2-2. Kaisei held ground and put up a nice defense before tossing Gaga nicely. Well done by Kaisei.

Shohozan(K)(1-3) vs Baruto(O)(2-2)
Shohozan is 1-0 against Baruto. Shohozan came out explosive today and almost pushed Baruto out but Baruto used his much larger size to pick him up and put him down outside of the dohyo.
Baruto goes to 3-2 and is now on a 2 match win streak.

Aminishiki(M1)(2-2) vs Kotoshogiku(O)(3-1)
Kotoshogiku is 23-13 against Aminishiki. Kotoshogiku ate dirt today in a rough loss. I don't know what has gotten into him the last two days but its not good. He goes down to 3-2 and you can pretty much eliminate him from winning this basho.

Kotooshu(O)(2-2) vs Goeido(S)(3-1)
Kotooshu is 12-7 against Goeido. Kotooshu's habit of holding onto his opponent even as he goes down hurt him today as he took the loss and a nice fall. Big win for Goeido who is looking stronger by the day and could be a candidate for the win, while Kotooshu is out of contention. Kotooshu actually won this though upon further review, but hopefully it is a lesson for him.

Kisenosato(O)(2-2) vs Myogiryu(M1)(2-2)
This is a battle of two different 2-2's. Kisenosato dropped 2 that he should have won and won 2 unimpressive matches while Myogiryu had 2 great wins. I'm picking an upset here. Kisenosato is 4-1 against Myogiryu. I ended up being wrong as Kisenosato was able to put a stop to Myogiryu's habit of taking down higher opponents.

Toyohibiki(M3)(0-4) vs Harumafuji(Y)(4-0)
This is really throwing the lambs to the lions here. Harumafuji is 2-1 in their series. Toyo went down hard here and lost in no time at all. This was totally a waste of everyone's time.

Hakuho(Y)(3-1) vs Tochiozan(K)(2-2)
Hakuho is 15-1 against Tochiozan. No problem today for Hakuho as he cruises to 4-1.

5-0: Harumafuji, Kitataiki

4-1: Hakuho, Goeido, Kaisei, Tochinoshin, Chiyotairyu, Shotenro, Takarafuji, Sagatasukasa, Oiwato, Tokushoryu and Tochinowaka.

3-2: Kisenosato, Kakuryu, Baruto, Aminishiki, Aoiyama, Fujiazuma, Sadanofuji, Takayasu, Jokoryu and Okinoumi.

2-3: Kotooshu, Tochiozan, Myogiryu, Gagamaru, Aran, Ikioi, Masunoyama, Tokitenku, Wakanosato, Tamawashi, Asahisho, Takanoyama and Tamaasuka.

1-4: Shohozan, Toyonoshima, Kyokutenho, Takekaze, Daido and Kotoyuki.

0-5: Toyohibiki, Yoshikaze, Miyabiyama

Overall thoughts: Tochinoshin got screwed over today and I hope Tokitenku has one coming to him. Harumafuji is still looking strong and Goeido looks pretty good out there. We are starting to seperate the men from the boys and tommorow should be interesting. Ozeki's are falling like flies!

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