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WWE Friday Night Smackdown 1/18/2013 Review

WWE Friday Night Smackdown 1/18/2013 Review

This is the 700th episode of Smackdown. I can somewhat remember watching the first episode, though I have better memories of the first WCW Thunder for some reason.

Last week's show is here:

"Welcome to Fiesta Del Rio!" - Ricardo
Dolph Ziggler came to crash the party less than a minute into it.
Dolph teased cashing it in until The Big Show came down.

Sheamus then came down.
"Last time I was here, I even tried to steal your car." - Sheamus, obviously forgetting that he did and that he trashed it.
"Sheamus, this is a party and I don't want anyone fighting." - ADR | "What? Really?"  - Sheamus
They were going to fight until Booker T came down, like he always does.
He signed Sheamus/ADR vs Zig/Show. Booker T said, "it will be a tag team main event extravaganza".
"We don't see Bud Selig do that." - JBL
"He'll never be allowed in Ireland again." - JBL
Kofi Kingston vs Antonio Cesaro
The finish
Antonio Cesaro beat Kofi Kingston with a Neutralizer. Awesome finish to a short match. It was good but another 5 minutes on this would have had it at the *** level. Good stuff though and Cesaro is a beast.
"Ric Flair was a great wrestler and you, you just have catchphrases." - Awesome line from Primo
Miz challenged one of them to a match tonight and said Rosa could decide which one.

The Great Khali vs Tensai
No Hornswoggle as they said he was injured from Big E Langston's attack last week.
"It's like Optimus Prime vs Megatron." - Josh | "It's a video game?" - JBL | "No John, it's Transformers." - Josh
Khali won with a brain chop in a 1 minute squash. Sucks to be Tensai.

"And speaking of things that weren't a good idea, what's with that thing on Cody's face?" - Kane
"Some people just don't understand when their facial hair starts to look ridiculous." - DB
They argued until Randy Orton came in:
"Are you two going to act like second graders tonight or are you actually interested in delivering some pain to Team Rhodes Scholars and Wade Barrett tonight?" - Orton | "Both." - Kane
DB tried to talk about how he handled his anger issues better than Orton. Then this:
"Tonight is not about the Rumble. First, we win our tag match, and then, GROUP HUG!" - DB
"I'm sorry, I'm not much of a hugger." - Orton | "Not yet, you're not." - DB
Wade Barrett and The Rhodes Scholars vs Randy Orton and Team Hell No
Orton got the win with an RKO. Not a real interesting one for me as it was pretty marginal.

They promised "The Rock Concert" at this time, making it seem like a totally new one when it was a repeat. I didn't like that.

The Miz vs Primo
Miz beat Primo with a Figure Four. Uh, this didn't exactly capture my interest and it went much longer than it needed to be. The result was never in doubt and it was mostly an extended squash.

The girls were in the back and Layla didn't want to give Kaitlyn's title back as she was staring at it. Look for a heel turn there. Booker T and Teddy Long then walked in:
"H-Town!" - Kaitlyn and Booker T
Teddy said he was happy Kaitlyn made Eve quit after slapping him.

Kaitlyn vs Aksana
Back to the Diva's washing machine cycle as Eve left, so someone will turn heel and probably take Kaitlyn's belt. Paige would be the obvious choice here to go up against Kaitlyn next.
Katilyn won with a decent looking spear here in a boring match.

They did a feature package on Mick Foley.

The Shield cut a promo on Mick Foley with them saying they hold everyone accountable and them saying what's done is done. They pretty much called out and threatened everyone.

"Let me make one thing perfectly clear to you, I don't need your help." - Orton | "It's gonna be interesting 2 weeks from now in the Royal Rumble match. I need this win and I'm gonna get it and while you have an answer for everything, I assure you my friend, you won't have an answer for me." - Orton
The Big Show and Dolph Ziggler vs Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus
Josh explained that ADR has a red scarf now due to his spanish blood and showing a tribute to bullfighters.

Big E then got ejected with AJ Lee.
The faces got the win when Big Show left the ring. The match was fine but not too much else other than that. They let out balloons after the match:

Overall thoughts:
The show peaked in the first segment. The only other thing you might want to see besides that is the Kofi/Cesaro match for the awesome finish. Other than that, a very average edition of Smackdown.

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