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WWE Saturday Morning Slam 1/19/2013

WWE Saturday Morning Slam 1/19/2013

Last week's show is here:

New time for Saturday Morning Slam today at 10:30. Not sure of why but it gives me 30 more minutes to get ready in the morning, so I like it.

Natalya vs Alicia Fox
Supposedly Booker taught Alicia Fox some moves and they have a monthly golf game. Fox was wearing a black leather skirt and top with a skeleton body on it. Fox jumped over Natalya then rolled back with a headscissors in a cool spot.  She then hit a nice Northern Lights Suplex before putting on the body scissors. Natalya lifted her up in a bearhug hwile the headscissors were on to escape then put her in the Sharpshooter for the win. Nice match here that was pretty good. Rating:**3/4

They did a feature on Sheamus to build up for his match.

Sheamus vs Michael McGillicutty
He welcomed everyone to the show and he watched Saturday Morning Slam as a kid with Macho Man, Bret and HBK. He said he wants his title back. He said he wanted the biggest, fastest and strongest superstar the WWE had, but he wasn't available, so they brought out Michael McGillicutty. Sheamus got the adv. early and Mike went to the outside. They did a criss cross spot with Sheamus joining the announce desk while Mike kept running the ropes until we went to commercial. I presume he was running then too. Sheamus got a water at this time.

We came back with Mike still running the ropes. He eventually tired out and looked at Sheamus drinking a water at ringside. Sheamus consoled Mike and gave him a drink of water. He was really tired out. Mike then said, "What are you doing? This is supposed to be serious. I'm a serious wrestler. This is a joke". Mike then went to hide behind the ring and Sheamus ran around behind him and gave him a running kick to the butt. Sheamus took control back in the ring, kicking out Mike's leg with him doing a slip. He then did a reverse airplane spin to him. Mike was dizzy and schoolboy'd the ref for 3!!! Sheamus held up Mike's arm in victory and then hit the White Noise for the win. Heck of an entertaining match here.

Monsoon_Classic at F4W pointed out that Sheamus should have been counted out and he is exactly right. Sheamus was outside the ring for minutes and it seems no count was made. They fire Maddox for interfering but this ref gets to keep his job? Sheesh.

They talked with The Miz as he was interviewed by Natalya. They announced Miz vs Darren Young for next week until the PTP's interuppted. Young said "You are so played out". Titus said, "Talk is cheap, but when the PTP's speak, you can take it to the bank".

Overall thoughts: Good show with build, 2 fun matches and a preview for next week. Can't beat it! That's how you fill 30 minutes!

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