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WWE Royal Rumble 2013 Results and Review

WWE Royal Rumble 2013 Review and Results

My Royal Rumble predictions are here:

"Mr. Chinlock" Tony Dawson and Matt Striker are here for the pre-show.

Josh interviewed Show:
Big Show questioned why footage of him being buried under a table was shown.  He suggested that Alberto was jealous of him. The WWE stream froze after this so I have no idea what else he said.

They played the Royal Rumble by the numbers video after this with your usual stats. Over on the official Royal Rumble pre-show PPV stream they were showing highlights from the elimination tag match on Smackdown which I reviewed here:

United States Championship - Antonio Cesaro vs The Miz
Striked called Miz's Figure Four, "The passing of the Figure Four".
Antonio Cesaro beat The Miz wih a Neutralizer. Good match here. Cesaro hit a cool move where he threw Mix in the air and caught him with a lucha backbreaker. Miz had a nasty looking landing as you can see above off a double axe handle. No idea what he was thinking, but he tried to land on one leg and I think he injured himself. It was a very ugly bump. Cesaro lifted up the ring apron at one point and hit Miz's head into the steel ring supports as you can see above. Good match here and a nice opener. Rating:**3/4

Over on the official PPV feed they were showing Rock and Punk from Raw.
Scott Stanford and Renee Young were the hosts.

World Heavyweight Championship - Last Man Standing - Alberto Del Rio vs The Big Show

They an into Bret Hart backstage. He called Alberto a mexican Bret Hart and Alberto said Bret was a "Mexican Alberto Del Rio". He wished them luck and gave Alberto the Bret Hart glasses. Ricardo was scared going out and ADR questioned him, but this helped him.

Marcelo Rodriguez and Carlos Cabrera are your spanish announce team. Protect your table boys!

Cole said that Dos Caras broke down in tears when Alberto Del Rio brought the title home to him.
Alberto won with an armbreaker after Ricardo ductaped Show to the ropes. Good match here but not as good as their previous ones. Show speared himself through a barricade, Alberto got chokeslammed off a fixture and Show used light tubes. Had some very nice spots in it. Rating:***1/2

Matt Striker interviewed Dolph:
"I'm choosing #1 because I am #1" - Dolph
Big E chased Striker off and did an interview with Dolph in an old timey announcer voice which was funny. Dolph talked about cashing in his briefcase at WM and ending WM with two titles.

Cesaro said he'd win because non-American have been winning.
"Personal foul on anyone who thinks they got a leg up on the PTP's. We will win the Royal Rumble and then be worth millions of dollars." - Titus
"At the end of the night, you will see that the champ is here." - Cena
"I've got 29 Brogues for 29 people." - Sheamus
"Another superstar, feed me more. Another superstar, feed me more." - Ryback
Wade and Orton talked too but they said nothing of note. Orton had a really boring promo.

WWE Tag Team Championship - Team Hell No vs Team Rhodes Scholars
"He said it's a pencil thin mustache, well I said he should erase it." - King on Rhodes
Team Hell No got the win with a No Lock. Not a bad match but nothing too special. The double chokeslam was the highlight of this and the commentators were goofing around the whole time. Surprised to see the Scholar's lose. It went about 8-9 minutes or so.

They did another Royal Rumble stats video. HBK has 39 eliminations and Kane has 35, which he should beat tonight.

Vickie gave Hell No their numbers for tonight. Kane wouldn't show his because he said "trust me, you would feel very inadequate". Kane said it would be bad strategy.
They showed highlight from their Royal Rumble fanfest where Bo Dallas won a place in the Royal Rumble in a tournament.

2013 Royal Rumble Match
Dolph said it would be the same at the end of the night as he'd be the only one left. Chris Jericho returned and was #2.
Jerico got fired because Dolph put his contract against his career, so nice history here. This is Jericho's 7th Royal Rumble.
Cody Rhodes came in at #3.
Kofi Kingston came in at #4.
Santino Marella was in at #5 and was the first elimination seconds later.
Drew McIntyre came in at #6.
Santino Marella was eliminated by Cody Rhodes and Titus O'Neil came in at #7.
Drew McIntyre was eliminated by a Chris Jericho dropkick.
Goldust came in at #8 and he went at it with Cody. Cody stole his lay down and punch spot.
David Otunga came in at #9. He hasn't been around in a while.
Heath Slater came in at #10.
Sheamus came in at #11. He won last year.
Sheamus eliminated Titus O'Neil and David Otunga in that order for #2 and #3 eliminations. Tensai came in at #12.
Brodus Clay came in at #13.
Cody Eliminated Goldust for Elim #4. Rey Mysterio came in at 14

Brodus was eliminated at #5 . Daren Young came in at 15. Tensai was gone at #6 next. Bo Dallas came in at 16 and Darren Young went out at 7, and Kofi went out at 8. Godfather came in at 17 and got eliminated in a second by Ziggler at 9.
Wade Barrett in at 18.
John Cena came in at 19. Slater then went out at 10 and Cody did too at 11. Both by Cena.
Damien Sandow came in at 20 and Rey Mysterio went out at 12.
Daniel Bryan in at 21.
Antonio Cesaro in at 22.
Great Khali in at 23

Kane at 24. His 16th Rumble and 13th Straight.
Zack Ryder in at 25. Khali out at  13. Kane out at 14 by Daniel Bryan and Daniel Bryan out at 15.
Randy Orton in at 26. He took our Ryder at 16.
Jinder in at 27. Cesaro eliminated by Cena by being tossed at 17. Miz in at 28. They said Miz injured his ankle.
Jinder went out at 18. Sin Cara in at 29.
Bo Dallas eliminated Wade Barrett at 19.
Wade Barrett returned and eliminated Bo Dallas at 20 then hit a Bull Hammer.

Ryback in at 30 eliminated Damien Sandow at 21. Sin cara got gorilla pressed by Ryback at 22. Miz got eliminated by Ryback at 23. Jericho eliminated by a Dolph Ziggler superkick at 24 and at 47:53.
Ryback takes out Orton with a clothesline at 25. Ziggler via Brogue by Sheamus at 49:37at 26.

Sheamus, John Cena and Ryback are the final 3.
Ryback took out Sheamus at 27 with a backdrop over the top. Sheamus at 37:24.
Ryback out at 29. John Cena wins the 2013 Royal Rumble.  John Cena becomes 4th man to win the Royal Rumble twice.
"I'm going to Wrestlemania. New York City here we come." - John Cena
The Royal Rumble was alright. Not a lot of comedy thankfully but not as many big returns as I expected. It wasn't great but it went pretty fast and nothing bad from it. I did like the thing with Kofi Kingston and the chair, even though it was wacky.

John Matthews interviewed The Rock:
The Rock brought up the hard times he went through like not getting picked for the NFL and him having $7 in his pocket a year later. He talked about his loved ones and his mom getting cancer. He said his mom is here tonight though.
Rock's mom and family
He said all the people count to him.
He said tonight they would end 434 days of misery and said that when they hear the 1-2-3, it's proof that they all count. He said it's the night the people and The Rock beat Punk and become the champion and become one.

Royal Rumble Entry Order:

1 Dolph Ziggler
2 Chris Jericho
3 Cody Rhodes
4 Kofi Kingston
5 Santino Marella
6 Drew McIntyre
7 Titus O’Neil
8 Goldust
9 David Otunga
10 Heath Slater
11 Sheamus
12 Tensai
13 Brodus Clay
14 Rey Mysterio
15 Darren Young
16 Bo Dallas
17 The Godfather
18 Wade Barrett
19 John Cena
20 Damien Sandow
21 Daniel Bryan
22 Antonio Cesaro
23 Great Khali
24 Kane
25 Zack Ryder
26 Randy Orton
27 Jinder Mahal
28 The Miz
29 Sin Cara
30 Ryback

Elimination Order
1 Santino Marella
2 Drew McIntyre
3 Titus O’Neil
4 David Otunga
5 Goldust
6 Tensai
7 Brodus Clay
8 Darren Young
9 Kofi Kingston
10  The Godfather
11  Heath Slater
12 Cody Rhodes
13 Rey Mysterio
14 The Great Khali
15 Kane
16 Daniel Bryan
17 Zack Ryder
18 Antonio Cesaro
19 Jinder Mahal
20 Wade Barrett
21 Bo Dallas
22 Damien Sandow
23 Sin Cara
24 The Miz
25 Chris Jericho
26 Randy Orton
27 Dolph Ziggler
28 Sheamus
29 Ryback

ProWresBlog Championship and WWE Championship - CM Punk vs the Rock
CM Punk is the ProWresBlog champion so therefore this becomes a ProWresBlog title match! The Rock has to be the favorite with the John Cena Royal Rumble win. If The Shield interferes, CM Punk is stripped of the title.
Punk then laid the cover back on the Spanish announce table.
The Moss Covered 3 Handed Family Credenza!
Cole pushed that CM Punk tweaked his surgically repaired knee.
The Spanish Announce Table collapses.
The Shield attack The Rock | Credit to TweetPro-Wrestling

The Shield attacked and hit a triple powerbomb on the Rock in the darkness.
CM Punk won but Vince McMahon came out.
He went to strip Punk but Rock said no.
"You don't take it from him, I take it from him. Restart the match now." - The Rock
Rock won with a surprise People's Elbow. The Rock wins the WWE title! Decent match here but not that great. It had some nice heat and both men were pretty good and delivered a main event match. The crowd ate it up and it wasn't bad at all. Rating:***

Overall thoughts: Good show. Every match was decent and I don't have any real complaints here. A good effort by WWE

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