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2013 Royal Rumble Predictions

2013 Royal Rumble Predictions

US Title - Antonio Cesaro vs The Miz
This is a dark match, but it will air live on youtube. They've been building this few for a few weeks through Raw and Main Event, but it not being on the main show tells me that Cesaro won't be losing here. Miz seems to be getting over with the crowds at least, but if they are going to have him get it back, it will be on a televised show, not a dark match. Winner - Antonio Cesaro

WWE Tag Titles - Team Hell No vs Team Rhodes Scholars
This is a tough one to call, or maybe it's not. Team Rhodes Scholars should probably win here since they've been getting pushed for a while and Cody is now fully back. Team Hell No could win but I don't know where they really can go next with them. They probably don't need the titles at this point, so them losing it might not be a bad bet. Winners - Team Rhodes Scholars

World Heavyweight Championship - Last Man Standing - Alberto Del Rio vs The Big Show
I may be the only one, but I'm pretty hyped for this. Their previous match was awesome and while I don't think this will reach that level, it still could be good. The KO Punch and the overturned table will play a role in this, but who knows how. I heard rumors that ADR only got the title because Show didn't have a contract extension signed, but I don't know if they are true. In either case, Show is always going to be Show, so he doesn't have much to lose. ADR however is on a face run that is starting to gain some steam. I have no idea where either one of these two will be at Wrestlemania time, so that's where it gets a little hard to call. However, with ADR's new face run and the WWE seemingly being behind him 100%, I'm picking ADR. Look out for a possible Dolph Ziggler cash in after this. Winner - Alberto Del Rio

WWE Title - If the Shield interferes, CM Punk loses - CM Punk vs The Rock
I have to think The Shield will be involved somehow, but I don't know how. I could also see Brad Maddox being involved to finally expose the Shield/Punk/Maddox alliance. I could also see Ryback getting involved due to the Shield or just to get some revenge on CM Punk. John Cena is also a possibility to maybe get revenge on the Rock for various things(though this scenario is highly unlikely). Either way you look at it, something is probably going to go down here. I can't see CM Punk beating The Rock and I can't see anything else except The Rock vs John Cena at Wrestlemania, so I'm going with The Rock. Winner - The Rock

WWE Royal Rumble
It's time for one of the biggest matches of the WWE year in the 2013 Royal Rumble. The Royal Rumble hasn't been pushed that hard this year compared with previous years, but it is still going to be extremely important as we head into the Wrestlemania season.  The Royal Rumble has been disappointing the last few years as its been based on nostalgia and comedy, which I hope it gets away from this year. However, the Royal Rumble should set us up for the next three months. My friend John always calls this time of the year "WWE's playoffs" and I feel it's a a fitting term.

We do not know who will all be involved yet, which makes this hard. However, I'm going to try and include everyone I can possibly see getting involved and I will try to rate their chances.

Safe bets:
John Cena - My friend John is picking John Cena to win this and I think overall, he has to be the favorite going into this. I expect him and Rock at Wrestlemania one way or the other and to be honest, I can't think of anyone else who has as good of a chance as him. He is my #1 pick to win this.

Sheamus - Sheamus doesn't have a lot going on right now, he will surely be somewhere important on the Wrestlemania card and he's been arguably WWE's #2 babyface for most of the year. He also won last year's Royal Rumble and the announcers have really been pushing that. However, I don't know what is planned for him and the Smackdown Elimination Chamber will most likely have the Smackdown title shot or the title on the line, so his day may be in the future.

Ryback - He is maybe the hardest person to figure out going into this. He's involved with The Shield right now and presumably not involved in the title picture. He was WWE's hottest guy for a month or two but now his stock has dropped a little bit.  I have to think he will be involved at something higher up the card at Wrestlemania and I would guess it will involved the Shield. He is a big threat to win this though and I could definitely see him challenging for the Smackdown title at Wrestlemania. However, as I've kind of been mentioning throughout, Smackdown does not have a clear picture right now which is why this is so hard to pick. I'm thinking Ryback will get a decent run in the Rumble but one way or another, The Shield will take him out.

Could win it, but not favorites to win it:
Randy Orton - Orton is another one of those guys who doesn't have a true direction going into the Royal Rumble. They were pushing a Sheamus feud but they've backed off of that a little. I expected them to have a Rumble match, but that's definitely not happening at this point. I think Orton will not win the Rumble. I see him doing something with Sheamus or The Shield(or both) at Wrestlemania.

Dolph Ziggler - Dolph has been like a shadow all year long in WWE. We are all waiting for him to cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase and until he does, he is the most unpredictable guy in the WWE. The announcers have tried to push the fact that he could win and still have the briefcase and Dolph has mentioned it as well. While it would be good for him to win it, it's not necessary and I don't think it's going to happen.

Wade Barrett - He's barely in this category, but he is worth a mention. He's the Intercontinental Champion but he doesn't have a lot going on right now. WWE is definitely looking to push him and make him a big star in 2013 and hey, a Royal Rumble win could do it. However, it would be quite random and I don't think it is his time right now.

No chance:
The Miz - Can't see this happening. They've got something going on with him and Cesaro and I don't think WWE wants the backlash that him winning it would cause.

Antonio Cesaro - Would be cool but won't happen. He's busy with The Miz and the US title.

Kane - Not a chance. However, he will get the 5 or so eliminations he needs to have the most eliminations of all time.

Daniel Bryan - Another person with no hope of winning this. I don't know where they are going with him, but it won't be a Royal Rumble win.

The Prime Time Players - I bet they get eliminated by Kane. They've been absolute jobbers lately and if anyone successfully picks them to win, they deserve to win a big prize.

3MB - Not a chance. I'm thinking Kane will also get the three of them to get his 5 eliminations

People who could be involved and returns
Brock Lesnar - Unlikely, but you never know. We haven't seen him in a while. If he does get involved though, he won't win it, though I wish he could.

The Undertaker - There's been some rumors of him possibly coming back for this. If he does comeback he has to be a favorite. He's surely going to be doing something big at Wrestlemania but I have no idea what that would be. This could set it up though.

Mark Henry - I think he should be do for a return soon and it could be here. He won't win it but might eliminate someone of value.

The Shield - You have to think they will be involved one way or the other. Either way, they have no chance.

Christian - Christian is due to be making his return and it will probably be at the Royal Rumble. However, he no chance as well but they might use it to build a match up for him.

Rey Mysterio - He's been absent lately and he might return here as the Rumble will need extra star power. He won't win it though.

Sin Cara - He's been missing as of late but he won't win it.

New Age Outlaws - They could be used for nostalgia pops, but have no chance.

Great Khali - He was involved in the brawl on Raw, but he has no hope of winning this.

Santino Marella - He will likely be in there to get taken out in quick fashion by someone like Kane.

Alex Riley - He may have been in the Raw brawl and he's back on NXT, but has no chance.

Kofi Kingston - He will surely be in it, but he will lose.

Brodus Clay - He'd be in it just to get eliminated.

Evan Bourne  - Could be returning, but who knows. He has no chance.

Ezekiel Jackson - Probably won't return and if he does, he has no chance.

Hornswoggle - Never know as WWE likes their comedy. No chance.

The Uso's - They could be in it to fill slots, but they will both lose.

Zack Ryder - Something is going on with him, but he won't win it.

People in other matches on the show:
CM Punk - Don't know if it would be even possible based on match order, but it could happen if he enters. In that situation it could be used to build a rematch with The Rock. Very unlikely though, if he even enters.

The Rock - He is very unlikely to be in it, but if he is, he is a favorite. I still don't see him taking it though and along with Punk, it would be a pain storyline-wise to do.

The Big Show - He said he won't be in it, so count him out.

Alberto Del Rio - It's unlikely that he would be in it, but they need star power and you never know. He won't win it though.

Team Rhodes Scholars - They might be in it, but it won't be to win it.

My Royal Rumble picks(feel free to leave comments on who you like):
Royal Rumble Winner - John Cena

Runner Up - Dolph Ziggler

Final Four - John Cena, Dolph Ziggler, Ryback and Wade Barrett

Longest time in the Rumble - Dolph Ziggler

Most Eliminations - Kane with atleast 5 and maybe 7.

#30 - Ryback

There you have it folks! Feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts. Hopefully we have a great Royal Rumble!

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