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WWE Monday Night Raw 1/21/2013 Review and Results

WWE Monday Night Raw 1/21/2013 Review and Results

This is episode 1,026 of Raw.

Last week's show is here:

Paul Heyman came out with Vickie Guerrero to talk about the Rock defaming both of them during his songs last week. He called Vickie the "sexiest general manager".
"With the Rock being in San Jose tonight, I have banned him from the arena tonight. If he comes in, he will be arrested." - Vickie
"There's not a force on earth that's gonna stop The Rock from electrifying the people tonight." - The Rock

"He's alot like Manti T'eo. Instead of having an invisble girlfriend, he has an invisible nut sack." - Rock on Heyman, "His twinkie tits are scaring away the children." - Rock on Heyman
"It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when." - Rock on enterting tonight | "If Rock thinks he's gonna enter my arena, the only song he's gonna sing is Jailhouse Rock. If you smell, excuse me, excuse me, if you smell what The Vick is cooking." - Vickie
They announced that there will be a Beat the Clock challenge with the winner deciding when he enters. I'd also like to see some qualifying matches just to make the Rumble more important.

Beat the Clock Challenge - Antonio Cesaro vs Randy Orton

This is a rematch from their Main Event match, which I reviewed here:

Wouldn't you not want to go with a headlock in this type of situation?
Orton won with the RKO in 11:36(Yeah, I know it says 35). It wasn't anything special and not as good as their main event match. Too many headlocks as well as well as alot of the match not being seen due to the break.

We got a Shield promo. They showed different highlights of the mayhem they caused and said "you will believe in The Shield".

They announced another Show vs ADR Last Man Standing Match at the Royal Rumble.

Big Show vs Zack Ryder
 Brad Maddox came down but barely said anything in the 30 seconds.
Show won with the KO punch quick.

"You gonna what me? You think I'm playing around?" - Show
Show counted to 5 to preview the ADR LMS match before getting mad at the crowd and leaving.

"You stick with me kid, we'll make your dreams come true, we'll make you famous". - Heyman changing his thoughts on Brad Maddox

Ryback vs Heath Slater
Ryback won in seconds with a shellshock.
Ryback said he would thrive in the Rumble and it would take him to Mania.

Vickie tried to get Rock arrested in the back, but the police officers said he wasn't breaking any laws.

They announced Raw Roulette for next Monday! I LOVE RAW ROULETTE. Can't wait for that. You have to give it to WWE for making the Raw's seem more important lately.

CM Punk came out to talk:

He talked a lot about the title and The Rock.  He said that the people didn't matter a few times and said he would win on Sunday. It was rather long, boring and pointless.

Beat the Clock Challenge Match - Dolph Ziggler vs The Miz
They have to finish in 11:36.
Dolph got the win with a Zig-Zag. It was decent with lots of pins early to try and win and then they kind of went to their usual match with Big E helping to get Zigg the win. Miz exposed Dolph's butt and it looks like since Miz is stealing Flair's stuff, Ziggler is going to steal that.

Shelby asked who should be Valedictorian and they both argued that the other should be it.

Dr. Shelby asked for everyone everywhere to hug at the same time:

Dr. Samson and Justin Roberts hugged

Alicia Fox vs Kaitlyn

King said that all females despise each other. Kaitlyn won with a spear in a pretty uninpressive match. I loved how King said that Kaitlyn isn't the traditional diva. She seems alot like the other divas to me.
Paul Heyman got Punk a luxury box seat(guess it's not sold out) and said he would unveil a Paul bomb.
Heyman ripped on the Rock and called him stupid, then he entered:
How come I'm not allowed to enter the ring when I buy a ticket? Heyman brought this up and the Rock told him to shut up and leave.
The Rock talked about how he will rip Punk's face off and how he earned this title shot, but I'm not really sure how he earned it minus a Cena victory. The Rock said the people will be chanting "free at last" after he wins and The Shield attacked. They laid out Rock and ran off. Punk then ripped on Rock

Beat the Clock Challenge Match - Sheamus vs Wade Barrett

No finish on his one. Dolph got AJ to distract Sheamus to stop him from winning the time and they just ended it there. Fitting since we didn't see half the match due to commercial anyway, why see the finish? The match was so-so. It may have been better, but we will never know.
That describes my face perfectly
Dolph bragged about winning Beat the Clock. Vickie however said, Dolph couldn't choose any number. He could only choose 1 or 2.

Vince said if anyone interferes in the Punk/Rock match, Punk gets stripped of the title.

Alberto Del Rio vs Tensai
They said Tensai was no walk over opponent, but I'd argue that as of late.
"Nice belly to belly there." - King

Alberto Del Rio won in easy fashion with a moonsault in a total squash.
Alberto said Ricardo would count in spanish in the Last Man Standing match and tried to get a "Si Si Si" chant started.

Bob Backlund got announced for the WWE Hall of Fame:
I loved Backlund's 1990's run as champion but didn't like his first run. I really didn't get him as champion as he wasn't that good in the ring and his promo's were absolutely awful. Really makes me sad to think they got rid of Superstar Billy Graham as the coolest champion ever for him. 1990's Backlund though was awesome.

I don't know if I mentioned it before, but I don't care much about the Hall of Fame. It's brought out some strong debates but I see it as more of a WWE popularity club than an offical Hall of Fame.

"That's the way to San Jose, right there." - John Cena
John Cena talked about Sundays and how much people like them. Yeah. He asked the kid if he was the 10th level prestige that was holding him back on Battle Grounds the video game. He said his username was SkidMarks187. He accused another fan of getting drunk every Sunday and getting a tattoo of Judge Joe Brown. If anyone knows what happened to Jackie Kessler off that show, let me know. The show just isn't the same without her. Anyway, he transitioned this to the Royal Rumble.

He said he would win the Royal Rumble and then Sheamus came out.
Titus O'Neil, Randy Orton, The Miz, Sheamus, Kane, Daniel Bryan, Antonio Cesaro, 3MB and others said they would win the Royal Rumble. Tons of people fought in the ring to close the show.

Overall thoughts: I didn't like this show. It felt long and the commercials destroyed the matches.

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