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WWE Monday Night Raw 1/14/2013 Review

WWE Monday Night Raw 1/14/2013 Review

Last week's show is here:

School is back so as usual, I have to miss the first 30 minutes. My apologies.

This is the Raw 20th Anniversary. This is also Raw Episode 1,025.

Show and ADR got into it earlier in the night with Show getting confetti thrown on him.

 Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett
Wade Barrett beat Randy Orton by a Bull Hammer. Big win for Wade here.

Booker met up with Eve and Teddy in the back. He said if he she gets caught cheating she will get stripped of the diva's title.

Eve tried to seduce Booker and he said, "Tell me you didn't just try that". Teddy laughed and got slapped for it.

DB and Kane agreed to lie to get out of this before Dr. Shelby came in.
"I like that he's tall, that he can set things on fire with his hands somehow and that he's a great dancer." - DB on what he likes about Kane |"I like his beard and I like that he's not afraid to admit to wearing women's clothing." - Kane on DB

Dr. Shelby brought in the Rhodes Scholars to try and make them upset, but hold it in.

"What kind of crackpot psychology is this?" - Cody
"Dr. PHIL? You know what, go get em." - Dr. Shelby on being called Dr. Phil
Damien Sandow questioned Dr. Shelby and his ways and background, then a fight erupted between the 5 of them.

Kane vs Damien Sandow

Kane won with a chokeslam here. Just a quick squash and really nothing special.

Mick Foley got announced to the WWE Hall of Fame and JBL wondered which face of Foley would be inducted.

The Shield came down to nail Foley and Ryback made the save.
Orton and Sheamus made the save as well and cleared the Shield out.
Ryback said the Shield cost him the titles and tried a "Feed Me Shield" chant.

They showed a montage of some bad gimmicks:
TL Hopper (Shoutout to my friend John)

Beaver Cleavage

Who? - Jim Neidhart

Real Man's Man Steven Regal

Naked Mideon

Diva's Title - Eve vs Kaitlyn
Kaitlyn won with a spear in a decent match. They got a few nearfalls here probably since this Eve's last match and it wasn't bad at all. The crowd even got into it. I'm gonna miss Eve. She's been one of the top WWE diva's and she really never got to show off all she could do. Rating:**1/2

Josh interviewed Brodus Clay.
"I don't shuck and jive because I have to. I do it because I want to and his pipe bomb is about to blow up in his face." - Brodus Clay
Cole made fun of Kofi Kingston thinking Max Moon was cool as a kid.

ProWresBlog Title Match - CM Punk vs Brodus Clay
CM Punk is still your ProWresBlog champion and therefore the title is on the line! You can read more about the ProWresBlog Title here:

"I was wondering if CM Punk pays Heyman in money every few weeks or just drops him a fish now and then." - Lawler
CM Punk won with the Anaconda Vice. He took a nasty head dropping exploder en route to winning in a decent match, especially for Clay. Brodus Clay got in a decent amount of offense.

Punk cut a promo after.
They showed some different vehicular moments like Austin's beer bath, Austin and Zamboni and Edge as Ric Flair.

"Finally, the Rock has come back to Houston".

The Rock and Mick Foley did some catchphrases and stuff about Foley in the Hall of Fame until Vickie Guerrero complained about the noise. They also brought up Rock hitting Foley with the Rock Bottom last year which Rock asked Foley to forget. Foley was mad that Rock didn't do something to Vickie and Rock said that now isn't the time and to watch the Rock concert.

They announced that Saturday Morning Slam is moving to 10:30 AM. I don't know why there is a time switch but I do like the new time. Always rough getting ready for 10 AM.

Battle Royale
"This isn't fair to 3MB. They need more people." - JBL
3MB won! Holy crap! Upset city! They all pulled Sheamus out together. He wasn't having it though and hit them with Brogue Kicks for no reason.

"We should be talking about Los Conquistadors, Meat, Braden Walker. Wait, Braden Walker was never on Raw." - John Cena with the insider references
MizTV with Ric Flair
He teased saying who the guest would be:
"Here's a hint, Woo!" - The Miz

"With past shows like The Highlight Reel and Pipers Pit." | "What about King's Court?" - King
"He's still got more wives than Hall of Fame rings." - King | "You played Musical Chairs once on Raw. I don't know why you played Musical Chairs." - Miz to Ric Flair
"Get a close up of me." - Flair

"We got a woo-off and a strut-off." - King
They did a feature on different people talking.

"Kiss stealin', Lillian." - Flair
Antonio Cesaro interuppted.
Cesaro has new American tights.
He said the four fingers only stand for Flair's ex-wives now.

Flair had Miz put Cesaro in the figure four then Flair did kneedrops to different pieces of clothing.

Daniel Bryan vs Cody Rhodes
Cody had a mirror checking out his mustache.

DB won very very quick with a No Lock. Total waste of time here.

" I don't need you, I don't need WWE. I'm gonna do a reality show. I quit. That's right, I quit. I don't need you, I don't need them. I quit." - Eve
Eve quit WWE since she's busy with her husband who is a member of the Jiu Jitsu Gracie family.

AJ Lee showed clips of WWE wedding's.
Big E showed a clip of AJ's failed wedding with DB which AJ called the "best moment of my life".

Dolph said he'd win and it'd be the best performance of Raw.
They said Jim Ross would announce the cage match.

Cage Match - John Cena vs Dolph Ziggler
Cena won with the AA after Ziggler hit Big E with the case. Good match with great heat and some nice spots. It felt like a big cage match and they did things like Cena climbing the cage with Dolph on him plus other moves. Both guys took some nice bumps and the crowd really bought into Big E which added to it. Pretty good effort overall and worth a look. Rating:***1/2

The Rock Concert
"Sweet Moonwalking Baby Moses." - The Rock

"What was I thinking? I looked like an escaped mental patient trying out for the Backstreet Boys." - The Rock
Song 1:
Well, the Rock knows all the diva’s. But one thing she’s the best. The one who wears the ugly suit and wears big floppy breasts. His name is Paul Heyman. His name is Paul Heyman. He’s so ugly, make you cry. When you’re running down the people, the rock knows your secret fears. Your fat covers up your little penis which you haven't seen in years. He hasn’t seen it. Nope, he hasn’t seeing it, not in years. He hasn’t seen it, cmon everybody, in years.

He called out Vickie.

Song 2:

Late in the evening, she’s wondering what clothes to wear. She puts on her make up, she brushes her short black hair and then she’ll ask me, “Do I look alright?”. And I say, no biotch, you look horrible tonight. You abuse all your power. Waste every bodies time. You dress like a hooker. Not the expensive kind. So get your ass to the airport, take a one way flight. Because biotch, you look horrible, tonight. I said biotch, you look horrible tonight. We said biotch,(all) you look horrible tonight.

He then called out CM Punk.
"Fact, your manager has twinkie tits." - Rock

"You ain't God, but God as my witness in 13 days, I will beat you for the WWE title." - The Rock
The Rock and CM Punk fought to close the show with Finlay holding back the Rock and Arn Anderson holding back CM Punk.

Overall thoughts: Good show overall here with The Rock being funny and lots of enjoyable cameo's and namedrops.

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