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WWE Main Event 1/16/2013 Review

WWE Main Event 1/16/2013 Review

Last week's show is here:

Randy Orton vs Antonio Cesaro

"Randy Orton is the wrestler's wrestler." - The Miz
"Pound for pound, I believe he is the strongest man in the WWE." - Michael Cole on Antonio Cesaro
Air Cesaro! Check out that height on that jump.
"Ah, I get it. Now you're taking moves from me. I'm glad you're watching my moves." - Miz
Randy Orton went to a no contest with Antonio Cesaro when The Shield interfered. They were having a pretty good match too when it happened, which is a real shame. After the match, Miz tried to make the save but got beat up and then Cesaro Neutralized him. They pushed the Cesaro/Miz feud here and made it seem interesting atleast. I'd assume Cesaro will have a rematch with Orton, probably on Raw.

The Uso Brothers vs The Prime Time Players
"I'm Michael Cole and my original partner, The Miz, was injured by The Shield. Now joining me is Brad Maddox." - Cole
"You came over the barricade, you weren't really invited." - Cole to Maddox | "Well, I saw a job opening. You're welcome." - Brad Maddox | "I'm suggesting security's going to take you away any minute." - Cole
"We got a real slobber knocker going on here." - Maddox | "The first thing about commentary is that you can't still anyone else's lines." - Cole | "One thing you gotta realize is that if a slobber-knocker is knockin', I'm gonna call it a slobber knocker." - Maddox
"I'm sorry Mike, but we gotta take a commercial break. They action is hot and heavy ladies and gentlemen, we'll be right back." - Maddox | "We're not taking a  commercial break yet. The producer didn't count us to a commercial break. Who are you listening to?" - Cole
"The referee doing a horrendous job. I remember when I was a referee." - Maddox | "I remember when you were a referee and you did a horrendous job." - Cole
"If you're gonna try to do this job, you should try to do it well. You should not be on your phone while a match is going on." - Cole | "You are not a do sayer." - Bad Maddox

"Michael I'm sorry to interrupt you but we've got to hear a quick word from our sponsor, Vesselmania 13, the world's largest homemade submarine race. Vesselmania 13, where homemade submarine racing begins." - Brad Maddox
"Heavyweight tag team championship on the line." - Brad| "Uh, the tag titles aren't on the line." - Cole | "Okay, they're playing for pride." - Brad
"HEYYY" - Brad | "Who are you talking to?" - Cole | "Sorry." - Brad
The Uso's won with a samoan splash. There was a match going on here? Oh, right. It was fine, but Brad Maddox was better. He was hilarious tonight. Vesselmania 13 everybody, live and on PPV! Decent match tonight but to be honest, I can't tell you how good because I was too focused on Maddox. Everything appeared to be decent though and both teams looked fine.

"The show's not over yet." - Cole

Overall thoughts: Watch the tag match for the commentary and check out some of Orton/Cesaro. A good Main Event with a little something for everyone!

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