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AEW Dynamite 3/3/2021

AEW Dynamite 3/3/2021

Last week's show is here:

Red Velvet and Cody Rhodes vs Shaquille O'Neal and Jade Cargill

Shaq isn't wearing any special type of wrestling gear which I find shocking. Shaq pushes Cody down early. Shaq hits a big chop on Cody's chest and back body drops him. Jade gets in and pump kicks Velvet. Jade throws Velvet and then does push-up's.

Velvet comes off the top with a crossbody but Jade rolls back and then fallaway slams her. She then pie faces Cody and in-return, Cody running knee's Shaq. Austin Gunn then hit Shaq with a chair. Colton Gunn got thrown over the rails then Shaq grabbed QT. Velvet then moonsaulted off the top onto Jade and Cody...who is her partner.

Back in the ring and Jade puts Velvet in the figure four. Velvet then reverses it. Jade sets up a tbale on the outside and as she takes a while to do it, Velvet bangs her head off the table. Velvet then sets up a 2nd table out there. Tony brought up how it basically didn't make any sense and he's right. QT had to help set up the tables because it was taking forever.

Velvet spin kicks Jade in the face and tags out. Cody and Shaq trade shots and Shaq hits a big powerbomb on Cody. Cody being an egomaniac though pops right up soon after and slams him. Velvet and Jade then trade strikes and Jade spinebusters her. Shaq stands in the middle of the apron and the ref has to redirect him, then Cody jumps on Shaq and both go through the tables outside. Jade is shocked and gets hit with a spear that the camera's miss for 2. Jade then picks up and drops Velvet body first and wins it.

Shaq was fine but the match wasn't real good and it is unclear why Austin Gunn's chairshot wasn't a DQ.

Shaq was put in an ambulance then he somehow disappeared from it.

Pac and Rey Fenix vs John Skylar and ?

Skyler got swept and superkicked at the same time then Fenix ran the top rope and kicked his opponent in the head. Pac did a flip dive to the outside then he hit a 450 on Skylar. Fenix then hit a driver and won in a quick squash.

MJF and Chris jericho had a press conference. The mic was screwed up on the first question and we couldn't hear it. Jericho's mic wasn't much better. Conrad Thompson asked if Sammy Guevarra would come back into the Inner Circle and they got mad. The guy from Barstool Sports who was on the NXT PPV pre-show a few weeks ago got a question in. He asked about the attack on the Bucks' dad. MJF was mad at him for getting blood on his custom suit. MJF then ripped Nick Jackson for going bald. Eric Bischoff asked a question. He wanted to know how Papa Buck was and asked where does motivating the Bucks to want to beat them up rank on his list of stupid decisions. The Bucks then came out.

They said MJF and Jericho made this personal hurting their dad. The Bucks talked about how great their dad is. They said without their dad there might not be an AEW, leaving MJF unemployed and leaving Jericho "jerking the curtain at the Performance Center". The Bucks then superkicked MJF and Jericho and got help from Brandon Culter who came down.

The Good Brothers set up a table on the stage. Nick swanton bombed Ortiz off the entrance stand through a table and Matt did the same thing to probably Santana on the floor.

They talked about the exploding barbed wire deathmatch with FMW clips, then they had Atsushi Onita talk about it in a cool package.

FTR and Tully Blanchard with J.J. Dillon vs Jurassic Express

Tully came out with the US Title.  Man, they are pulling out all the stops for this episode. Tully is wearing a red full body outfit. JB fights off FTR early and dropkicks both members. JB hits Cash with a german and then puts both members of FTR in the STF seperately. JJ gave Dax a shoe and he nailed Jungle Boy with it, but it was only for 2 because they always overdo it here. Tully gets in and hits a few shots on JB then he teases doing a dive but just struts instead.

Dax slams JB outside on the concrete during the break. Tully gets a little in on JB during the break. As we return from break, JB hits a backdrop on Dax. Cash goes for a Vader bomb and takes double boots to the face. Saurus throws Stunt on Tully who falls back then Marko goes from the apron to the rails. One FTR member waistlocks the other and Saurus germans them both. Jb hurricanrana's Dax into a Saurus slam. Cash hits Saurus with a tornado DDT on the outside. JB gets superplexed, top rope splashed, german suplexed and dragon suplexed, but Marko breaks the pin up. Tully then hits the slingshot suplex on Stunt in a cool spot. Saurus grabs Tully by the throat and spin kicks his head. The Express then hits the flipping move into a sitout powerbomb.

An unknown person in a mask gets in the way of a JB dive then he nails Saurus. FTR then hits a spike piledriver with Tully's help and wins it. So cool to see Tully and JJ out there again and they made this into a fun match.

The masked guy then comes in the ring and its Shawn Spears. Spars then hugs Tully and crew. Arn Andrson then watches from the ramp and does the Four Horsemen sign.

Tony Schiavone interviews FTR, Tully, Spears and JJ. Tony talks about Elevation and JJ says it won't get any better than what he just saw. Tony then introduces Paul Wight aka The Big Show. He says he is happy to be there. He said he is looking forward to working with the talent and shills Elevation. He says he has a big scoop and said on Sunday, a Hall of Fame worthy talent will be signed. He says tune into the PPV to find out.

They have the women's tournament final next which I will not be covering.

Tony Schiavone is in the ring and has his weekly talk segment with Sting. Sting said he wasn't ready until Cage powerbombed him. He said Cage shook off the excess rust and now he feels ready. Ricky Starks then interrupts. He said Sting has still got it, but is no icon and slaps him. Sting then decks him and rips his Starks' shirt off. Sting hits the stinger splash on Starks and puts on the scorpion deathlock. Why they are doing this on free TV, I don't know. Team Taz comes to help out and Cage goes for another powerbomb when Darby jumps on his back. Sting hits Cage with the stinger splash then Darby hits a dropkick on Cage from the top.

Face of the Revolution Qualifier: 10 with Negative One vs Max Caster

Max did a rap on the ramp. He said he was ugly under the mask(which he's not) and said -1 would "catch a butt whippin", which -1 did not like. Bowens is nowhere to be found for some reason. Scorpio Sky is on commentary.

10 crossbodies Max off the ropes then does the corner punch spot on him. 10 accidentally charged into the post on the outside and Max took over. We came back from break and 10 hits a back body drop and a spinebuster. 10 then does a slingshot spear and Caster briefly traps him in armlock before hitting a brainbuster. Caster misses an elbow off the top and then gets powerbombed but his foot reaches the ropes.

Jack Evans comes from under the ring and nails 10 with a boombox for the Caster win. This really wasn't anything special. Matt Hardy then gives Jack Evans some money ($4,200) after. I'll hit 10 with a boombox for that.

Miro did a promo. He said Chuck Taylor is making him hurt Chuck. He said he will give the people what they want - destruction. Then he says "game over".

Matt Hardy and Marq Quen vs John Silver and "Hangman" Adam Page

Why is this the main event? Silver flips over Marq early. We go to picture-in-picture break soon after. Silver threw across the ring during break which he shouldn't be doing and he gorilla pressed him. Hardy hit Silver with a side effect on the apron. Hardy pounds on Silver but Silver comes back with a standing sliced bread #2.

Page hits a big spinebuster on Marq, then Marq accidentally knocks Matt off the apron. Page does his fallaway slam > kip up > dive combo. Marq jumps up and Page death valley drivers him. Marq goes outside and Hardy rolls him back in. Hardy calls for the tag then hits a neckbreaker but gets a backdrop on his twist of fate attempt. Marq goes over the top then Silver spears Hardy and pounds him. Silver hits some kicks and a brainbuster and gets 2.

Marq does a big dropkick off the top but Silver tags out. Page and Silver 2v1 Marq and Page hits a buckshot lariat for the win. Matt didn't even bother to help. He jumps Page after and hits him with a mic. The Dark Order then comes in and stomps Hardy, then the other people in the casino battle royale fight with them. Everyone battles in-ring to close the show.

Overall thoughts:
Not a bad show at all and one of the better editions of Dynamite. The Onita, JJ and Tully appearances were all cool stuff.

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