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TNA Impact Wrestling 1/24/2013 Review

TNA Impact Wrestling 1/24/2013 Review

Last week's show is here:

Before we get started, I had to watch about the first hour from a hospital(I'm okay but someone in my family isn't doing so great), so no pics/quotes for that and I missed a little upon return from it.

They showed the wedding from last week to start off.

The announcers talked about how disappointed they were and they showed Ace's partying in the back with cars.

Aces and Taz came out. Taz said he wanted to be a part of the machine known as Ace's. Taz said Bully was just another victim. He also told them to check out his contract as it says he can sue if he gets touched by anyone. He told Bully good luck on Ace's and mentioned a higher power.

Jesse brought out a Velvet Sky toy and told Tara that Velvet is plastic and small to get her ready for the match.

Daniels was in the back with Kaz and Kaz said he is a licensed manager extraordinaire. Daniels said he would be "World Heavyweight Champion of the World".

Taz came out to announce.

Knockouts Title - Tara vs Velvet Sky
Tara bumped all around as Sky got the advantage early and sent her out. Sky kept control. Tara shook her butt and did a moonsault. She went up to the top and got Ric Flair'd off. She did a weird reverse DDT into a regular DDT. Jesse tripped Sky's leg on a suplex and Tara won. They kept a fast pace and the match was okay.

They got Sting backstage and he said now wasn't the right time but he would talk soon in the Impact Zone.

King and Ion talked in the back. King said tonight was about looking good and he would do the heavy lifting.

Joseph Park came out. He said his place was as a wrestler. He said he was here to be the best he could be. He had his passport and said he would be in Manchester next week for Open Fight Night.

I missed about 10 minutes after this because I had to travel.

Bully came out with Brooke:
Taz left at this time.

Bully called Taz a scumbag and a coward.
"Everyone of you better sleep with one eye open." - Bully
"I won't sleep until I kick every one of your M-F'n @sses." - Bully

Sting came out:
"Hulk it is time to go all the way and that is what you do. You're the best of all time and take this thing all the way because next week Hulk, we'll be in the UK all together. I believe in the UK you will announce to the whole wide world that your son in law, Bully Ray will be reinstated right here." -  Sting
"I think it's gotta be Aries and Hernandez." - Roode | "But you're the power guy, and that guy can't hold a handle to your wrestling. So you should be the man to take on Hernandez." - aries
 Aries got Roode to take on Hernandez next week and Roode was mad that he got talked into it.

Hardy said he'd show the world who Chris Daniels "aren't".

Bobby Roode vs Hernandez
Roode won with a bulldog from behind while Chavo and Aries fought. The match was alright and decent for Hernandez, but nothing really special. The focus was mostly on Taz returning and talking about Ace's.

Aries and Roode argued after about Roode not needing help.

Kurt Angle came out:
He called out Mr. Anderson.

Anderson said he didn't want to fight him next week, but right now. Angle said he wouldn't be attacked next week in a cage at Open Fight Night against Anderson.

Devon tried to get Anderson to calm down in the back with girls and beer.

TNA World Title - Jeff Hardy vs Christopher Daniels
"Look but don't touch." - Daniels
Mid-match pose

Hardy got the win with a swanton in a pretty good match. Not as long as I would have liked but some good stuff here. Hardy really is a great main eventer and TNA shows have been so much better with him on top.

Taz distracted Hardy after with an Ace's guy getting a hammer shot on Hardy's knee.

Overall thoughts: The show wasn't bad. It had some good points and nothing too bad at all. The main event was probably the best thing on the show.

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  1. Hernandez should just hold dudes up for a suplex for minutes at a time, it would make his matches a lot more enjoyable (luckily he was in with Roode tonight so it wasn't as bad as he normally is).

    Also, any gifs?