Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WWE Main Event 1/23/2013 Review

WWE Main Event 1/23/2013 Review

Last week's show is here:

The Miz and Michael Cole are your announcers
 They did a long but good feature on the Royal Rumble.

Matt Striker interviewed Ryback:
"By the time I'm done with him, Swiss Miss is going to look like Swiss Cheese. That was a joke. I can be funny too" - Ryback on Cesaro
"This is a civilized country, yet my opponent yells like a caveman." - Cesaro
Cesaro didn't say much before getting cut off.

Antonio Cesaro vs Ryback
Ryback won by countout when Cesaro left the ring. Yeah, I'm getting tired of that finish. It was a decent looking match too with both guys looking good.Cesaro hit a really awesome double stomp here. I also enjoyed Ryback literally tossing Cesaro off the gorilla press. That's power right there.

We got tons of recaps after this with Rock/Punk and some of the build behind the Big Show vs Alberto Del Rio.

"I don't have to justify my actions to you or anyone in this audience. When I walk through the locker room, it reeks of weakness. You reek of weakness...No one's gonna deny me, no one's gonna stop me." - Show

The Uso's vs Team Rhodes Scholars
"Nobody knows what an Us is anyway. It'd be like if I came out here and asked everyone to chant an R." - Cody | "Remain silent while my best friend is speaking, thank you." - Sandow
"We will make a crusade to eliminate unwashed tag teams like you with limited potential." - Sandow
The Rhodes Scholars got the win after Sandow crotched an Uso brother. Decent match here and about the usual from both of these two. The focus was more on Cody's mustache than just about anything else. The only real highlight was Cody taking a nasty shot into the post. Rating:**1/2

Overall thoughts: It was alright. The first match had the screwy finish and the second one was decent.

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