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TNA Impact Wrestling 1/17/2013 Review

TNA Impact Wrestling 1/17/2013 Review

Last week's show is here:

I reviewed TNA Genesis here:

Brooke Hogan is supposed to marry Bully Ray tonight.

"I got one for you, extra small and one for you, extra wide." - Bully on Tommy Dreamer's and Spike Dudley's suits

"I don't know if he's coming or not." - Brooke on Hulk

Hardy said he was ready for a fight until Kaz and Daniels came. They called everyone butt puppets and said Daniels would win the title in a week. Daniels called Jeff "Jefferson".
"These people are losers. Just like AJ, just like Jimmy Storm." - Daniels

They got into it until Jimmy Storm made the save, and the fight was made.

Jefferson Hardy and Jimmy Storm vs Christopher Daniels and Kazarian

Hardy got the win with a surprise twist of fate. Decent match here with good heat and the heels mostly controlling everything headlocks. Not a bad opener at all.

Daniels hit the Angel's Wing's on Hardy after.

The Gut Check judges talked in the back. Taz was pretty much all Bradley, Al said he wasn't ready and Bruce was. They really put over Bradley's inside suplex from the 2nd rope.

"You still smell like old booze and strippers." - Bully to Spike
"Here's some cuban's. I got these from a friend at the airport. They aren't exactly street legal so keep it kayfabe." - Joseph Park | "Prenup?" - Joseph Park
Gut Check
They eliminated Brian Cage, saying he had all the tools but it wasn't good enough.
"The judges decision wasn't unanimous, so I say no." - Taz

"I've humped so many highways I probably owe many child supports." - Jay Bradley

Al said Yes.
"My answer is yes." - Bruce Pritchard

Jay Bradley passed Gut Check. Dave Meltzer summed it up best when he said, "he's solid". He is solid, but I don't think solid is going to make him stand out too much. I didn't like his short WWE run, personally.

Christian York vs Kenny King
This is a rematch from Genesis. I reviewed it here:

Kenny King won with a rake to the eyes from the torture rack position then a pull of the tights. Not much to this one here as it only went a few minutes with York controlling things.
Bully Ray reached out to Sting to get Hulk to walk Brooke down the aisle.

Aries said he would wear all black tonight and said tonight would be a funeral. He said he had a few objections and Roode agreed.

"Hulk, are you gonna give Brooke away at the wedding?" - Camerman | "You guys better find something better to do and get that camera away from me." - Hulk
"You look like 007." - To Spike | "You look like 009." - To Tommy

"Sorry I'm late. I had to work. Somebody has to work around here." - Taz
"Did you call Paul?" - Taz | "He said he'd call me back in FIVE MINUTES haha." - Bully to Taz
Bully Ray said Brooke was really beat up and upset about Hulk.
"Tonight is not an ordinary night in the Impact Zone. No night is an ordinary night in the Impact Zone." - Sting |"Love is in the air." - Sting | "Bully Ray, if you're a praying man, you better pray right now. Hulkamania, please come out right now." - Sting
I don't know why, but I like Sting and Hulk as superfriends.
"When I look Bully in the eyes, there's something not right. When I'm around Bully, there's a vibe of negative energy."- Hulk
"They're saying, DO IT! DO IT!" - Sting
"I always do the right thing, brother." - Hulk
Gail was complaining about the broke rules Tiffany missed
She promised not to make any mistakes and call it right down the middle, in Gail Kim's title rematch tonight.
They showed 5 seconds of clips from Bully's bachelor party. I can't believe they hired 70 dancers for 5 seconds of footage.

Knockouts title - Gail Kim vs Velvet Sky
Velvet Sky won with a sit out pedigree. Not that bad but the focus was either on the wedding or on Bellator, like it has been all night.

Dixie Carter said she was proud of Brooker and Brooke said thanks for everything.

Aries and Roode came out:
They said people should be celebrating them, not the wedding.
They complained about all the TNA champions being old and said they weren't getting the respect they deserved, with each echoing each other's words. They said they objected to the wedding.

"I didn't know that the wedding caterer's were allowed to object at the wedding." - Aries | "Who invites Mexicans to a wedding?" - Aries
Then they got into it with Hernandez/Chavo getting the better of them.
"This is what I've tried to protect my whole life." - Hulk

 Hulk said Bully wasn't a bad guy and Sting tried to talk him into coming out. Sting told Hulk he was wrong and said that he needs to walk Brooke down that aisle. Hulk said it's been a long day and he's gonna pack his stuff out of here, but he said he always does the right thing.

Brooke Hogan and Bully Ray's Wedding
My bet is on Ace's and 8's ruining the wedding since they haven't been on the show yet.

"I can't believe we are exchanging vowels in the middle of a wrestling ring." - Brooke
"From the moment I laid eyes on you, I know you were the one. I'm a different person when I'm around you. I'm a happy person when I'm around you. I frickin love you." - Marc
"I do." - Brooke | "I do." - Marc
"Do you really wanna do this? " "You know what it's getting hot in here." - Taz
Taz then revealed and Ace's and 8's jacket and all hell broke loose:
"Is it just me or is it friggin' hot in here? - Taz

Brooke's boob fell out and they had this exachange: "Check on Bully" - Hulk | "My boob's out." - Brooke

Overall thoughts: Well kind of a surprising ending but not a good show wrestling wise.

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