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TNA Genesis Review

TNA Genesis Review
Taz, Todd Kennelly and Mike Tenay are your announcers
TNA Tag Titles - Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez vs Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan 
At one point Matt Morgan said, "Hey cover him you moron".
Chavo won after Hernandez hit a powerbomb on Ryan and Chavo frogsplashed him. Ryan's thong showed on the powerbomb. Good match here with decent heat and a nice pace. Good way to start the show and the Hernandez powerbomb was nasty. Rating:**3/4

"Grow up, I'm just hanging out having a REALLY good time." |"Kurt Angle was the guy who called me out. He decided to roll out with those guys. I decided to get a steak. Medium Frickin Rare." | "Same thing that was gonna happen to Kurt, is gonna happen to you (Joe)" - Anderson
Samoa Joe vs Ken Anderson
They just added this the day of the show for some reason.
Mr. Anderson won with a Mic Check after Mike Knox distracted Joe. It wasn't that bad but it wasn't that good either. The highlight was Anderson getting launched to the floor when trying to attack Joe's leg.

"The only thing that stops a freight train is Superman and Superman ain't Jamaican. I'm gonna pull those braids off your head, Christian York." |"Your looking at the brand new emperor of the X-Division." - Kenny King, huh?
Winner faces RVD - Kenny King vs Christian York
York got the win when he reversed a La Magistral. Good action packed and nonstop match. Lots of flying here. King beat up York after the match. Rating:***

X Division Title - Rob Van Dam vs Christian York
RVD won with the frogsplash. Good match here with York trying his best but just being too beaten down to win. The match was very good with some nice comebacks and good action. I really enjoyed this. Rating:***1/4

"I was reading the twitter wishes. Thanks JB." | "Tonight. I'm here to fight." | "I don't mean to kayfabe JB. That's an insider term. You wouldn't know what it means." | "Tonight, I get my retribution in my first opportunity at being trained to take on Devon. " - Joseph Park

Joseph Park vs Devon
"You're nobody." - Devon
This took forever to get started.
Devon won with a roll-up. Joseph Park snapped and went into Abyss mode but then woke up and wondered what happened. Devon then won there. The match had its fun points but was way too long. The crowd loved it though so I guess it worked. If you really like the Park character, you should enjoy this. Devon got a cheap shot in after.
"Bobby Roode and I have agreed to destroy Jeff Hardy. We are gonna get rid of our common problem, then we can truly find out who is the greatest wrestler." - Aries(I paraphrased this a little)
Knockouts Gauntlet #1 Contender - ODB vs Gail Kim vs Miss Tessmacher vs Mickie James vs Velvet Sky

"There's some propane in there like a truck. It burns and goes putt putt putt." - Taz

Gail beat Tessmacher with the Eat Defeat. Taz said that there was propane in Miss Tessmacher's butt.

ODB came out next.
"Full head of steam, full head of propane." - Taz
Gail pulled on ODB's tights and pulled her off the top to win.

Mickie James then came out.

Gail Kim then pinned Mickie James with a pull of the tights and Velvet Sky came out.
"You never wanna say small package in a knockouts match." - Taz
The pin

Velvet Sky pinned Gail Kim with a sit out pedigree. Very fast gauntlet match here with constant action. Wasn't bad really.

"Isn't this nice Jerome?" | "My partner and I Francois Kazarian aren't a part of that demo." - Daniels on country hicks | "I'm gonna shake my glorious a$$ and then kick your horse riding a$$ jimbo." - Daniels
Winner gets TNA Title shot - Christopher Daniels vs James Storm
Francois Kazarian came out with an actual manager's license. Tenay said this is their first ever singles match on a PPV event, but I'm sure they had many non-PPV matches during their AMW vs XXX days.

"I did it!" - Daniels
Daniels got a sneak pin with his foot on the ropes to win. Decent match but nothing really special. It was pretty basic and really not that great. All of the armwork Daniels did early on really amounted to nothing.

"Not bad huh?" - Bully
"This is my fire breathing twitter machine." - Bully
He asked if everyone was coming to the wedding. They thanked the fans for having their back on the situation and invited everyone to the wedding.

DOC vs Sting
Sting won with a scorpion deathdrop. The match was just okay. Really nothing exciting and pretty short and abrupt. Doc threw some nice punches though. Ace's tried to attack Sting after and Bully cleared them off. I had much higher expectations for this.
"Even though Aries and Roode haven't seen eye to eye, we can agree on one thing and that's simple, Jeff Hardy does absolutely not deserve to be a world heavyweight champion." | "Aries in the past you picked up a victory on me but tonight, the result will be different."- Bobby Roode

TNA World Title - Jeff Hardy vs Bobby Roode vs Austin Aries

The Roode/Aries partnership eventually ended when they couldn't get rid of Hardy.
Roode gets eliminated by Aries and Hardy

Hardy won with a Twist of Fate through the ropes and a Swanton. Good match here. Lots of big moves and really rough bumps. The heat was great and from a kayfabe perspective it made a ton of sense. I really enjoyed this and this will probably end up saving this from being a boring show. Rating:***1/2

Overall thoughts: It's a one match show. The rest was pretty boring and had little interest from me. Just check out the main and forget the rest.

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