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Ring of Honor TV 1/19/2013 Review

Ring of Honor TV 1/19/2013 Review

Alabama Attitude vs Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly

Mike Posey and Corey Hollins make up Alabama Attitude.

O'Reilly got the win after Fish kicked Posey in a brainbuster position. Not that impressive of a match here. Just your usual spots without much else to them really. The spot two pictures up from here was so stupid. They push Fish in Kyle's arm for a DDT then flipped Posey over for an Asai DDT. Didn't make the least bit of sense at all. Fast pace though and lots of moves.
"There's been alot of people that been pissing me off. Let's start with the Haas of Hatred list. Nigel? I hate you. Dem Boys? I hate you too. Whitmer? I put you through a table, that's how much I hate you." - Haas
"Last month at Final Battle, a situation occurred where I had to kick him out of the building. I wanna address the situation in a public forum and Jay Lethal, I want you out here face to face so you can hear it straight form my mouth" - Nigel
"I'm not gonna fine you, I'm not gonna suspend you, what I'm going to give you is a warning. This will be the last warning you get. If you step out of line again, you will regret it." - Nigel
"What would make me happy is if you just tell me in plain english, what I have to do to get my title shot with Kevin Steen. If Kevin Steen loses the belt, I'm not gonna wait til Kevin Steen loses the belt. So Nigel, come up with a new answer. What do I have to do?" - Jay
"The only person who can do that is Kevin Steen. He had it written in contract. You won't get a second chance." - Jay
"It's funny, Nigel. I was going to say the same thing to you." - Jay
They announced BJ Whitmer vs Adam Cole for next week for the TV title.
Matt Hardy said he was mad about BJ getting the title shot as was Haas.

"I know opportunities don't come up often. Adam, you got a bright future in this business, but I'm taking that TV title." - BJ
Kevin Kelly said that an unnamed source said that Kevin Steen wasn't the same as he used to be:
"Unnamed sources are starting rumors? Let me tell you who's starting rumors. I bet he's a former champion, I bet he's from England and I bet he's stupid too. I bet it's Nigel." - Corino
"We don't spread rumors in Scum. We only deal with facts." - Corino

"It's 2013, the Mayan's have gotten it wrong but Truth Martini has gotten it right. What has everybody been talking about? The prospect tournament and I got front row seats right here." - Truth Martini
QT Marshall vs Mike Sydal

QT Marshall won with a running dominator. I know ROH likes QT, but he gets shown up everytime he's supposed to show off. Sydal showed him up here and looked like the better prospect. Tadarius Thomas did the same thing. The match was alright but I'm still not seeing it with QT, especially since his physique seems to be softening.

"When that bell rings and the belts are up, all bets are off." - Alexander
"We'll be movin' on up, to thee top (In Jefferson's style)." - Coleman
"When we step into the ring, we're not friends anymore because we finally got our piece of the pie." - Coleman
"We invite dem boys because we respect dem boys. When that bell rings, we ain't got no friends, so either way, ya still gon get ya ass whooped." - Jay
"This 8 times we held them titles here, so that means we lost them 7 times before. So hey, it's a whole new ballgame. We done playing with them turkeys. It gon be different. We gon hold these things from now til kingdom come. Get that thing out my face girl." - Mark Briscoe

ROH Tag Team Championship - The Briscoe Brothers vs Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander
The Briscoes won with a Doomsday Device. Not bad, but it never really got off to where it could have been. The commercial break clipped out alot of it and it just didn't click as well as I thought it would. The camera's were a huge problem as they missed every big move, which is why there were so few pics here.

SCUM attacked after with Rhino hitting a spear:

Overall thoughts: The show was alright but nothing must see. A bunch of okay matches here with more talking than ever before. The camermen were the worst though. Everything was missed and therefore it was hard to get into it. Some things never change I'm afraid in ROH. Skip this.

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