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NXT 1/9/2013 Review

NXT 1/9/2013 Review

Last week's show is here:

Regal's look sums of my thoughts completely.
"I can give you hope. I bite the heads off of snakes, just to take their poison". - Bray Wyatt
"When we unite, we are strong, we are dangerous, we are family". - Bray Wyatt

Yoshi Tatsu and Percy Watson vs Luke Harper and Erick Rowan
"Make me proud boys." - Bray
"I've never seen anyone rock so eerily since that film Psycho" - Regal
"The spinning dropkick misses". - Yeah, Tom Phillips, the spinning dropkick.
"A spinning club to the floor" - Tom Phillips
Luke Harper won with a "spinning club to the floor", also known as a roaring lariat, a spinning clothesline or even a spinning lariat. Decent match here with the Wyatt Towers looking pretty good and Yoshi and his partner looking fine. This was pretty basic and almost all squash, but I enjoyed it. Rating:**1/2

Paige vs Emma

Has Emma been taking dancing lessons from Dusty Rhodes?

Scott Stanford said that Paige was undefeated.
"Paige is more popular in the United States than Kate Middleton." - Regal
"Paige isn't one of those cook you breakfast everyday type of girls." - Regal
The finish

Paige won with a Paige Turner. Not a bad match at all. They actually worked on a story in the match with Emma working on Paige's leg until Paige got the win. No problems at all here with this. Emma seems to be working some type of California Doll from GLOW type of gimmick along with dancing badly.

Bo Dallas and Michael McGillicutty vs Primo and Epico
Last week, Mike saved Bo from a beatdown from Primo and Epico which started this. There was a loud "WE WANT ROSA" chant.
"This is something he really enjoys. We saw him receiving punches to the face last week, and he really liked it." - Tom Phillips on Bo Dallas
"That wasn't a clothesline, that was a bloody lariat, son." - Regal to Phillips
Primo won with a backstabber. It started out boring with multiple minutes of headlocks but once Mike got in, the match got alot better. The crowd loved this and it was a decent match. Rating:**3/4

NXT title, No DQ - Seth Rollins vs Big E Langston
The finish
I think that's Sakamoto in the corner.

Big E Langston beat Seth Rollins with The Big Ending. Decent match but nothing too special. I loved the Asai DDT into The Big Ending though. The crowd went nuts for the Big E win and it was a pretty cool moment. They treated it like a big deal and Big E was even crying. The match had some good points but was mostly smoke and mirrors.

Overall thoughts: A good edition of NXT. There was nothing bad here and this was one of the better episodes they have put on. Check it out!

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  1. I'm so loving your (and master regal's) beef with tom philips. I would pay good money to see you fight in real life !