Thursday, January 3, 2013

NXT 1/3/2012 Review

NXT 1/3/2012 Review

We opened up to the Shield attacking until Dusty Rhodes came out.
Dusty talked about how Seth Rollins turned(finally mentioning that) and signed Corey Graves vs Seth Rollins for the belt tonight. Dusty said he'd strip Rollins if he didn't defend, so he said okay.

Your announcers
Bo Dallas vs Epico
Bo's stupid selling
"He wants more punishment. Bo's smiling. A masochistic tendency." - Dawson
Bo Dallas won with a spear. They pushed Bo's gimmick of loving pain, which I think you all know how I feel about that.  This was your typical Bo Dallas match. Nothing wrong with it but nothing that interesting here. After the match, The Colon's tried to attack but heel Michael McGillicutty of all people made the save:

Sasha Banks vs Tamina Snuka
Tamina has kind of like a rock version of Haku's old music. According to the Wrestling Observer, she's going to be the new face of the diva's division.
"I know something about Sasha Banks. She's related to Snoop Dogg. Did you know that?" - Regal
"If I wanted to be interrupted, I'd stay at home with the wife. I told you that before." - William Regal to Tony Dawson
The finish
Tamina won with a Superfly Splash. Not much air on it but she came down hard. This was a decent match with both girls looking pretty good. Sasha Banks has been pretty impressive so far in NXT. Rating:**1/2

Kassius Ohno and Leo Kruger vs Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel
Kruger pinned Gabriel with a Kruger's End. Pretty good match here but it didn't really get the time or the finishing sequence to be better. The pieces were all there though and I did like this. I'd be up for a rematch for sure. Rating:**3/4

NXT Title - Seth Rollins vs Corey Graves
No music for Rollins
The Shield jumped in during the submission:
"The Shield have just wiped out nearly the entire NXT roster." - Regal
"Oh this should be most interesting. Big E is a one man gang himself." - JR
Corey Graves beat Seth Rollins by DQ due to The Shield's interference. The match was looking pretty good until it was abruptly stopped. The whole NXT roster ran in to fight off the Shield, only to get taken down. Big E Langston then came down and scared the Shield off. Dusty Rhodes then made Big E vs Seth Rollins for the title next week.

Whew, alot there, eh? Well, the ending was good, though I really hate non-finishes in matches. The crowd loved it and it was a pretty cool moment. It really made Big E look like a main eventer. The only other problem I had besides the non-finish is that Corey Graves really got screwed here. Dusty gave Big E the next shot, completely passing over Corey Graves, even though he was beating Seth Rollins. That part kind of makes me scratch my head because it's not really fair.

Overall thoughts:I would say that this was a good edition of NXT. The ending did have its issues but it was a pretty cool moment that made Big E look like the baddest man on the planet. The diva's were good as was the tag and the main. The ending is worth seeing.


  1. I like your blog, but please post photos in better quality. Thanks :)

  2. It is out of my control unfortunately.

  3. as much stupid that bo dallas's sell was here, if he does it again NOW, it'd be awesome.