Thursday, January 24, 2013

NXT 1/23/2013 Review

NXT 1/23/2013 Review

I can't confirm it because they all sound alike, but Patrick Brandmeyer said Tony Dawson and William Regal were the announcers.

Shawn Michaels came out:
"The guys that win these are going to be the stars of tommorow because they will be the NXT tag team champions." - Shawn Michaels | "As a guy who won those things, I can tell you, it's a springboard to a better career."
He announced a tournament for the new NXT tag titles.

NXT Tag Title Tournament - The Wyatt Family - Luke Harper and Erick Rowan vs Yoshi Tatsu and Percy Watson

Harper got the win on Watson with a lariat. Nothing too special here I'm afraid. It didn't go very long and for the most part, big guys usually just have to work the big man style that isn't real fun to watch, though, Big Show is pretty good these days.

Dusty offered Derrick Bateman and Alex Riley a match against Kassius Ohno and Leo Kruger in the NXT Title Tournament next week and they accepted. Then Corey Graves came in:

"You've got to be kidding me. First off, I didn't even get my title rematch when the Shield got involved and now I'm not even invited to the NXT tag team tournament?" - Corey Graves
"You feelin froggy? Then jump, circus boy." - Alex Riley
"Nobody wanted to be your partner. Not even Jake Carter." - Dusty

Dusty then made Corey Graves vs Jake Carter. I didn't get this at all. Corey Graves was winning in his title match, Sheild interfered and now they are holding it against him because of that? Plus he doesn't get a rematch? Nonsense.

Alicia Fox vs Sasha Banks
"She shook my hand before and nearly broke my fingers." - Regal on Fox
"What is this move we're seeing here with Alicia Fox in command?" - Tony Dawson | "If you need me to explain that to you, you shouldn't be sitting here." - Regal
The pin
Sasha Banks got the upset after countering a body slam into a pin. Quick but decent here and it's surprising to see Banks get the win. I bet she makes it to WWE before Paige, just because.

"The less you know about me, the better." - Paige, during a promo
"Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm NXT's new correspondent, Renee Young."
She asked about Aksana's match against Paige next week:
"If you ask me, Paige has tried to be like me by stealing my look. Just made it much trashier. But I'm not gonna lie, it made me a little bit angry and I don't know why she was all the rage in 2012. In 2013, it will be the year for Aksana. Next week, everyone will know that Aksana is in and Paige is out." - Aksana
"I am the true Ascension and I will rise." - Conor O'Brian

Corey Graves vs Jake Carter
"They used to be a team, but somehow they broke up. I can't even say it on air. It's like Behind the Music. Filth and Debauchery. " - William Regal | "I can tell you this though. They're banned from every theme park in America." - Regal
"Corey Graves has that 12th step." - Phillips | "12th step? You're thinking about me when you're thinking about the 12th step." - Regal

Graves got the win with his 13th step submission hold. Nothing too fancy here and basically, your average match. It was alright though for what it was and Graves looks like more of a star every time he's on.

"If I can't be in this tournament, I'm declaring anarchy in NXT. And Alex Riley, the next time I see you, you're going to be doing the same thing everyone else does. Stay down." - Corey Graves

Adrian Neville and Oliver Grey vs Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre
"Oliver Grey is fascinating to me because he's related to Alan Dennison, the great British wrestler." - Regal | "He reminds me of the great Dynamite Kid. I was lucky enough when I was 16 to watch him change the sport." - Regal on Neville
If anyone wants to see some of Alan Dennison, I reviewed his match against the debuting Dynamite Kid here:

"Oliver Grey is a lumberjack believe it or not." - Regal
Adrian Neville got the win with the Corkscrew Shooting Star Press. The announcers put it over huge and the crowd ate it all up. He really looks like a star out there and is going to be fun to watch. Decent match here but it was quick and really not that special. Neville was the highlight though, that's for sure.

Big E Langston vs Axl Keegan
 Big E got the Big Ending win in seconds in a total squash. Conor O'Brian then appeared on screen:

"It only takes 3 seconds to take your most prized possession Big E Langston. In 2 weeks, I hope that you will be present for the Awakening. Then and only then, I truly show you what I think of the five count." - O"Brian
Big E Langston hit another Big Ending and a 5 five count on Axl after and then another.

Overall thoughts: The show was fine. Adrian Neville was the stand out of the show and I'm interested in the O'Brian vs Big E match even though O'Brian sucks once he's in ring. No great matches here unfortunately.


  1. I heard Regal say "Tony" a few times so I think it was Tony Dawson on the call.

  2. renee young/paquette is the most beautiful wrestling fan I've ever seen. probably the most beautiful one of all time !