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NXT 1/16/2013 Review

NXT 1/16/2013 Review

Last week's show is here:

Adrian Neville aka PAC vs Sakamoto
This is Adrian Neville aka PAC's debut match. He's been a star pretty much everywhere due to his great high flying and I'd only have him second in flying behind Shanao/Yoshitsune(or one of his 10 other names) in the world. Sakamoto is the former KAZMA from Kaientai Dojo who is probably lucky to still have a job at this point since they stopped using him on the main roster. He and PAC are both heads above most of the people on this show.
"The man that I've been waiting to see for a long time. The jumping jordy, Adrian Neville. This man has a reputation around the world of being one of the truly spectacular competitors. The most spectacular you will ever see." - William Regal

Yay, Tom Phillips is gone! Hopefully back to whatever planet he came from where they don't have wrestling.
"I've been told this by Rey Mysterio. This man has flying moves that makes Rey jealous." - Regal on Adrian Neville
"Sakamoto grew up admiring Taka Michinoku." - Dawson | "He was trained by him." - Regal | "The older fans will remember Kaientai. Do you? Don't lie to me." - Regal
"When I see Adrian Neville, he reminds me of the groundbreaking Dynamite Kid Tommy Billington. Tommy Billington changed the professional wrestling industry." - Regal
Adrian Neville (PAC) got the win with the Corkscrew Shooting Star Press. That was really the only thing to this match. Neville did a couple of body blocks and that was it before the finish. I would have preferred him flying around a little and showing off more but I'm sure we will see it in weeks to come.
"Unbelievable. We saw a man fly tonight. I'm speechless." - Tony Dawson
Leo Kruger vs Trent Baretta
This may be Trent Baretta's last WWE match as he was released last week.
"Kassius, it begs the question, why are you here?" - Dawson | "I thought I'd come out and sit next to my best mate, William Regal." - Kassius Ohno
"You do know that I'd be quite happy to turn you into a vegetable right? I'm gotten older and calmer than I used to be but don't push your luck." - Regal to Ohno

Leo Kruger won with a Kruger's End. The match was okay to good at times but nothing too special here. Ohno interfered near the end and hit Trent with an elbow to help get Kruger the win.

Another ref came down and said what happened, so they reversed the decision with Trent Baretta winning by DQ.

Big E Langston came out to talk:
"I'd like to welcome you all to the era of the 5." - Big E
"We have a beef to settle homes. At first it was all about the money. Get my boy back from Mexico. But I believe tonight, I'm gonna take that homes." - Camacho
Big E Langston vs Camacho
Big E got a Big Ending for the quick squash win. After, Camacho paid more:
Big E Langston gets his 5 count.
Camacho then ate another one.

Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd vs Antonio Cesaro and Damien Sandow
Sandow did his usual deal before the match.
Kidd got the win with a springboard elbow. Not as good as it should have been because they relied too much on restholds. It still was decent but the first half was boring.

Overall thoughts: Very middle of the pack show here with nothing must see aside from Adrian Neville's Corkscrew SSP.

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