Friday, January 25, 2013

WWC 1/19/2013 Review

WWC 1/19/2013 Review

Before we start, I'd like to mention how un-user friendly WWC is. Unless you watch this show weekly it is impossible to have any idea on who is who. Check their names when they enter right? Well, they never show you their entrances. Check their website? Well, they don't have one, just a facebook page. Please, if you are in Puerto Rico, tell WWC that they need to put down the 5 bucks a month for a website. Shoot, I'll do it for free if they give me the stuff to work with.

Barrabas Jr vs Jay Velez
Barrabas Jr. got the win here after Velez missed a top rope legdrop. They didn't show much of it and it didn't appear to be very good.

Sons of Samoa vs Thunder y Lightning
Thank God for Dean Rasmussen. I knew who was in this without even having to guess. The bigger samoan is L.A. Smooth aka Tahitian Warrior, a member of the big samoan family. His partner is Samu,who is Afa Jr or Manu from WWE's Legacy group.
That had to suck
Thunder y Lightning got the win with a 3D. Fun match here with good heat and the Samoan's turning face. I haven't seen a good Samoan match in a while and this was it. Thunder and Lightning still need some work, but the Samoan's were pretty awesome here. A shame that this was so clipped because this might have been even better than I thought. Rating:**3/4

Lights Out Match - Victor Jovica vs Savio Vega
Jovica is the president of WWC and Savio Vega has been starting stuff with him to lead to this. Victor Jovica has to be at least 60 here, so keep that in mind.
Carlito(from WWE) makes the save.
The finish
Savio Vega beat Victor Jovica with a "super sidekick" as that's what the announcers called it. Weird match here. We had a 60+ year old taking down two guys and then them needed to cheat to win. We also had Savio Vega doing the strangest Hulk-Up you've ever seen. Imagine Hulk Hogan doing salsa dancing while hulking up and you would get this. The crowd loved it though so I guess it worked.

That was it wrestling wise. They showed some clips of a Ricky Banderas match with I believe Apolo that looked good, but it was just highlights.

Overall thoughts: Well, a different hour of WWC. The Sons of Samoa match was fun and the Vega/Jovica match was different.


  1. The other Samoan is Afa Jr. I forget what his WWE name was, he was with Legacy for a few weeks.