Monday, January 21, 2013

Sumo January Hatsu Basho Day 9

Sumo January Hatsu Basho Day 9

Ms38e Osunaarashi (4-0) vs Ms48w Dewahayate (4-0)

I don't know what happened here but Osunaarashi lost from the start. He couldn't get a grip and he just got manhandled to go to 4-1. Tough loss here.

J1e Jokoryu (6-2) vs J5e Takanoyama (4-4)

Good loss by Takanoyama today. Really have to feel for the guy as you can tell he may be one of the most talented sumo's out there, but you can't buy weight or height and it's always going to be a handicap. Someone get this guy some peanut butter by the bulk so he can start owning people. I really feel he's on another level technique wise.

M15e Tochinowaka (6-2) vs M13w Asahisho (3-5)
Asahusho put up a good loss today in annoying Tochinowaka. Tochino was never in danger here.

M14e Shotenro (6-2) vs M10w Okinoumi (5-3)
Good win by Shotenro today in a decent power match up.

M14w Takarafuji (7-1) vs M8w Chiyotairyu (5-3)
Takarafuji got the win here in quick fashion to take it and go to 8-1.

O2e Kotooshu (5-3) vs O1w Kakuryu (5-3)

Questionable sumo by Kotooshu today in his loss. Kaku got under him with no problem and Kotooshu didn't have any answer for it en route to getting pushed out. He pretty much gave it away and I don't know what he was thinking.

O1e Kisenosato (6-2) vs  M2e Toyonoshima (3-5)

Kisenosato got an easy win here. He was patient and waited for his chance to take it, then did.

S1e Goeido (5-3) vs Y1w Harumafuji (8-0)

Quick win for Harumafuji today. He got in some quick slaps and took it in less than 3 seconds.

Y1e  Hakuho (7-1) vs S1w Baruto (5-3)

Baruto's one legged sumo failed him again to go to 5-4. He lost quick here and he only has one loss left to give. I don't approve of it but I might recommend a henka for Baruto against Harumafuji and Kotooshu. It's cheap, but this is big money and rank that he can't afford to lose.

9-0: Harumafuji

8-1: Hakuho and Takarafuji

7-2: Kisenosato, Takayasu, Shotenro, Jokoryu and Tochinowaka

6-3: Kakuryu, Tochinoshin and Kotoshogiku.

5-4: Kotooshu, Baruto, Goeido, Aoiyama, etc.

4-5: Tochiozan, Kaisei, Aran, Takanoyama and Kotoyuki.

3-6: Aminsihiki, Ikioi, Gagamaru, etc.

2-7: Shohozan, Masunoyama and Takekaze.

1-8: Toyohibiki and Miyabiyama both win!!!!

0-9:  NONE


  1. You missed Aran's "Henka of the Day".

    Miyabiyama got a nice hand from the crowd and was moved to tears after getting his first win. Poor guy just looks like his body can't take the demands of sumo anymore.

    Is Takanoyama unable or unwilling to gain weight? It seems the upper juryo is about his wall, where superior technique just isn't enough anymore.

    Here's what Kotooshu was thinking today: "Hey, I'm still on pace for my kashi-koshi!"

    Really think it's going to be yokozuna vs yokozuna for the cup this month.

    Here's a sumo documentarty from Araibira's channel I watched: It's like the sumo version of GAEA girls, with the Onone-beya stablemaster=Chigusa, Baruto=Meiko, and the hapless trainee Iwasaki=Saika Takeuchi. The basho he goes 1-6 in during the film was his last.

    1. Ah I see. I had to skip through some just to save time, or else I would have reviewed everything!

      I heard about that Miyabiyama bit. Sounds like he is really in rough shape.

      Supposedly, he is unable to gain weight. He resorted to taking someone's insulin from his stable and got into trouble over it. He gained some weight during that time, which he said was the result of a "special" dinner each night from the sumo master's wife. I guess insulin was the special ingredient lol

      You are probably right. What will be fun though is if neither guy loses until then. Then, Hakuho will have to beat Harumafuji twice in a row to win the cup! They would presumably have a playoff the same day, which could be wacky fun.

      Ah I saw that one. Baruto came off a little bit bad in it I think.