Friday, January 18, 2013

Sumo January Hatsu Basho Day 6

Sumo January Hatsu Basho Day 6

Day 5 is here:

How to watch:
Araibira's channel(Has all matches, no commentary) -
JasonsinJapan's channel(Top 6 matches plus commentary) -
Japan Sumo Associations live stream(On very early in USA night until early USA mornings)(Use Windows Media Player) -

For more on each wrestler, their stats, tournaments and schedules check out:

Y = Yokozuna - 1st rank
O = Ozeki - 2nd rank
S = Sekiwake - 3rd rank
K = Komusubi - 4th rank
M and a number = Maegashira - 5th rank
J = Juryo = 6th rank and the top of the second division of sumo

Osunaarashi(2-0) vs Irie(2-0)
This is their first match. This is a fairly big one as Osunaarashi does have a good shot at winning this tournament.

Originally the ref had this for Irie but watching the video, it's highly unlikely Irie would have touched second since he was the on one on the bottom. Nasty bump though for Irie as Osunaarashi moves to 3-0.

Takanoyama(J5) vs Chiyootori(J8)
Good effort by Takanoyama here but he got beaten and took a header unfortunately. He tried to avoid the tachi-ai so he didn't get bull rushed again and almost pulled this off.

Jokoryu(J1)(3-2) vs Kimurayama(J4)(1-4)
Jokoryu has the 1-0 advantage and can't afford to lose here.
Jokoryu had to work today to get the win as Kimurayama put up a good fight. In the end, Jokoryu lifted him over the line.

Tochinowaka(M15)(4-1) vs Tamawashi(M12)(2-3)
Tama is 3-0 against Tochino.
Tochinowaka got the victory and the push out to go to 5-1.

Kitataiki(M10)(5-0) vs Takarafuji(M14)(4-1)
Kita is 3-1 against Fuji. This is going to be a fairly important match with both guys being high up in the rankings.

Takarafuji got the win here to knock Kitataiki away from the lead! Kitataiki just couldn't get a good grip and Takarafuji beat him to that to take it.

Aoiyama(M6)(3-2) vs Tokitenku(M9)(2-3)
Let's see Toki try that side stepping crap against Aoiyama. Aoiyama is 3-2 against him.

 Good sumo today by Toki who had some great defense in the 2nd pic, but Aoiyama just had him power wise and he couldn't take him. Aoiyama goes to 4-2.

Tochinoshin(M6)(4-1) vs Aran(M4)(2-3)
Tochinoshin has the 7-5 advantage.
Aran got the win today being on the correct side and due to jumping when they were at the edge to knock Tochinoshin down to 4-2. Tochinoshin should have won this but he just got on the wrong side.

Goeido(S)(4-1) vs Tochiozan(K)(2-3)
Goeido is 7-6 against Tochio. Decent win here by Tochiozan to knock off Goeido's momentum and to take him out of contention for the time being.

Myogiryu(M1)(2-3) vs Kotoshogiku(O)(3-2)
They are tied at 2-2. With the way Myogiryu is performing and the way Koto isn't, this could be a good chance at an upset.
Nice bout here with Kotoshogiku getting the hard fought win. Myogiryu tried hard to hang in there but just couldn't do it and took the L to go to 2-4.

Kotooshu(O)(2-3) vs Kaisei(M3)(4-1)
Kaisei is 1-0 against Kotooshu.

Kaisei just couldn't get on balance here and was pretty much doomed to lose. One legged sumo never works and it didn't today either.

Baruto(S)(3-2) vs Kakuryu(O)(3-2)
Baruto is 16-9 against Kaku.

Kakuryu got the W. Good effort by Baruto here but Kaku just got too far under him and Baruto had nothing to get an advantage before getting pushed out. Baruto goes to 3-3 and only has 2 losses to spare with 9 days to go.

Hakuho(Y)(4-1) vs Kyokutenho(M2)(1-4)
Hakuho is 24-2 here against Kyoku and Kyoku is in some serious crap right now.
Hakuho took this one quickly and pused out Kyoku with no problem to take the win.
Harumafuji(Y)(5-0) vs Shohozan(K)(1-4)
Shohozan is in a similar situation here as he's 0-3 aginst Harumafuji and can only lose 3 more if he doesn't want to get demoted.
Shohozan took a nice slap or two before getting pushed out here for an easy Harumafuji win.
6-0: Harumafuji

5-1: Hakuho, Kitataiki, Shotenro, Takarafuji, Oiwato and Tochinowaka.

4-2: Kisenosato, Kakuryu, Kotooshogiku, Goeido, Kaisei, Tochinoshin, Aoiyama, Takayasu, Chiyotairyu, Okinoumi, Jokoryu and Sadanofuji.

3-3: Kotooshu, Baruto, Tochiozan, Aminishiki, Aran, Ikioi, Fujiazuma, Asahisho.

2-4: Myogiryu, Toyonoshima, Gagamaru, Masunoyama, Tokitenku, Takanoyama, etc.

1-5: Shohozan, Kyokutenho,Yoshikaze, Takekaze and Daido.

0-6: Toyohibiki and Miyabiyama.


  1. I've got a new favorite obscure rikishi. I was watching the early part of the live stream this evening--even caught the mae-zumo, which is the curtain-jerker where the new trainees that aren't ranked yet wrestle. They don't even put up graphics with their names or records.

    We got to the lower ranks. You see a lot of really mediocre guys, some young guys that haven't fattened up yet, and the matches go super quick. The low rank guys don't get to spend five minutes throwing salt and staring the opponent down like the makuuchi.

    Oh, my new favorite is "Miyakojima". He's a Jonokuchi #8 (that's the middle of the 6th division). He's 23 and debuted in January 2012. The thing about him is he looks more like Giant Baba than Akebono, in that he's comparatively tall and gaunt. He's 188cm, 76 kg, or like 6'3 and 168 pounds. He's not ripped like Takanoyama, but his match today was quite long and entertaining for that level.

    Hoping against hope that Baruto can get on a roll. At this point, I hope the yokozuna run th table and fight each other for the cup on the final day.

  2. How hard was it to figure out who it was? I like the live stream but can never figure out who's who.

    Yeah, the green boys don't play at all. No salt throwing(like it makes a difference) or fooling around.

    It is possible. Harumafuji looks strong and it's going to take sheer luck or something special to take out Hakuho now. I don't see any of the ozeki taking out the yokozuna's, that's for sure. I think Harumafuji is due for one or two losses though before it is all said and done.

  3. Also saw a really nice match in the 5th (Jonidan division) between Ashitayama (Jd #67 East) and Tamaisshin (Jd #70 East). Both guys fight off from the very edge.

    There was also one where the rikishi fell right on the gyoji off the edge of the dohjo, but I can't find it and I don't know the wrestlers' names.

  4. Oh, to figure out stuff I had to go to Araibira's Youtube and find the clip. It's hopeless for me to figure anything out from the live stream since I can't speak or read Japanese and I don't know the lower division guys. It's kind of a pain.

    Once you know a guy's name, there's like everything about their record at

  5. Use his for today's: . They are on Tomonofuji to close out the jonidan now. They are in order and if you listen close you can find the names.

  6. Awesome!

    It's freaky how quickly the database and the Araibira channel on Youtube get updated!