Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sumo January Hatsu Basho Day 11

Sumo January Hatsu Basho Day 11

Sd42e Orora (1-4) vs Sd49e Tsurunoumi (1-4)
Orora wins again! 2-4 baby! He looked like he was out and was ready to give up but he countered, turned his oppponent around and put him out!

Ms32e Sakigake (4-1) vs  Ms38e Osunaarashi (4-1)
Osuna took the loss here. He was super aggressive, but his opponent held his ground and he slipped down to lose. Rough loss here.

J5e Takanoyama (5-5) vs J10w Akiseyama (5-5)
Akiseyama is a big boy and may have the floppiest chest in sumo. He was too big for Takanoyama and put him outside with ease.

J1e Jokoryu (7-3) vs J2w Sagatsukasa (6-4)
Good back and forth effort by both guys here with action all over the place. Sagat accidently stepped out in the heat of the battle and lost here.

M9e Tokitenku (6-4) vs M15e Tochinowaka (8-2)
Toki won here after an even battle. Tochino just couldn't compete strength wise and the leverage wasn't on his side.

M7e Takayasu (8-2) vs M14e Shotenro (7-3)
Taka got the win here using Shotenro's momentum against him

M6e Tochinoshin (7-3) vs M14w Takarafuji (8-2)
Pure strength with by Tochi to get the win. He simply lifted Fuji out for the win in no time.

Myogiryu vs Baruto
Nice show of force by Baruto to this time in no time at all. Didn't hurt that he got an extra push in to send his opponent flying as Baruto needs to win every match now to get back to Ozeki. Can he do it?

O1e Kisenosato (8-2) vs M3w Kaisei (4-6)
Kaisei almost had it! He had Kisen by the edge, but Kisen disengaged and sidestepped for the win. Smart win for Kisen.

O2e Kotooshu (6-4) vs Y1w Harumafuji (10-0)
Sad loss for Kotooshu today. He literally slipped on a banana peel, falling straight on his butt for the loss. That's how you embarass yourself.

Y1e Hakuho (9-1) vs O2w  Kotoshogiku (6-4)
Koto fought hard and had Hakuho slipping way back before Hakuho put in a nice stance and drove Koto out. Fun match.

11-0: Harumafuji

10-1: Hakuho

9-2: Kisenosato, Takanoiwa and Takayasu

8-3: Kakuryu, Tochinoshin, Takarafuji, Jokoryu and Tochinowaka

7-4: Tokitenku and Shotenro

6-5: Kotooshu, Baruto(!), Kotooshogiku, Goeido and Aoiyama among others.

5-6: Takanoyama and others

2-9: Shohozan and Toyohibiki

1-10: Miyabiyama


  1. Didn't stay up to watch sumo in the middle of the night. Still rooting for Baruto to get his 10 wins--including one against Kotooshu, who I suggest should be renamed Ocem (that's Bulgarian for "eight"). Kisenosato is looking good, but I still think it comes down to the yokozunas.

    Oh, I found this documentary (in Japanese, with subtitles) on Youtube from Araibira's channel:

    It's about the start of the career of Kyokutaisei and was made in 2008. He's the guy that got manhandled by Osunaarashi on Day 3. However, if you watch the documentary, check out what the coach tells Kyokutaisei to do as an undersized rikishi, and watch his match from Day 11:

    All this sumo has gotten me behind on the joshi. I've only watched the Kimura-Io and Natsuki/Yoshiko vs Hiroyo/Yuhi from STARDOM and none of the Ice Ribbon yet.

  2. Kisen has been surprisingly good after a rough start. Baruto is definitely still in there and could do it, though it will be a struggle.

    That is a really good documentary. Kyoku actually still does sumo even though he ran away. I don't think he even missed a basho. I've been trying to cover him but I always miss his match.

    No IR for me. It's not bad at all live, but I just want to focus on 2013. How did you like the stardom stuff? I really liked those two matches you saw.

  3. Yeah, those matches were good. I'll get around to Nanae vs Yuzu eventually. IR, I'll probably only end up watching Mio vs Narumiya and Shida/fujimoto vs Nanae/Natsuki. Life's too short to watch early-to-mid card IR or Stardom, it's like a really bad Jonokuchi/Jonidan sumo match, heh. Well, except they are cuter.

    The end of that documentary is really misleading, as you think Kyokutaisei is quitting sumo for good, but if you check him in the database, he's not missed a basho in his career and has made steady progress to the 3rd division. It's like the movie maker had an ending that they liked and the fact that Kyokutaisei probably went back and begged the shisho for his place back a few days later didn't play into that ending.