Sunday, January 13, 2013



This show supposedly drew 2,600 fans thereby making it the largest attended joshi show of the year. Times are rough. This may also be the only official time Kyoko Inoue makes tape in non-fancam form. Times in DIANA are really rough.

Kyoko Inoue, Ray and Sareee vs Manami Toyota, Nana Kawasa and Rabbit Miyu
Kyoko Inoue got the pin on Nana Kawasa with a lariat. Well, I guess the result was inevitable but I don't think it would have hurt things if one of the younger girls got the pin on Nana instead, but whatever. Not a bad match here and it's good to see the vets working with the younger girls. Ray didn't even get in and she looked like she might be hurting. Just a basic opening match here.

Mayumi Ozaki vs Carlos Amano
Ozaki won with a double axe handle to the face. They showed two minutes of it and it didn't look special.

Sakura Hirota vs Eiger
Eiger won with a pin in a very strange and long comedy match. I'll let the pics do the talking here. It sucked.

Shinobu Kandori and Ayako Hamada vs Syuri and Misaki Ohata
Misaki Ohata cosplay's under a different name in Sendai for whatever reason. I'm just going to call her by real name because I think it's stupid.
Hamada got the win over Ohata with cross legged michinoku driver. Quick, take four of your favorite wrestlers and have them goof around instead of actually trying, and you'll get this. A waste of time and it was totally disappointing. I get to see Shinobu Kandori once a year and you give me this? Sheesh.

Sendai vs JWP - DASH Chisako and Sendai Sachiko vs Tsubasa Kuragaki and Leon

Sendai Sachiko rolled Leon up for the win. Good match here with the Sendai girls getting a chance to shine. They still have ways to go but Sachiko should be a really good babyface down the line. The JWP girls were good as usual as well. Not a bad one, but maybe it went a little bit too long. Rating:***

Aja Kong and Meiko Satomura vs Kagetsu and Yoshiko
I find this one fairly interesting. Mostly for Aja vs Yoshiko. I think we all know who wins, but it should be fun. Before we start, props to Kagetsu for losing weight and getting in shape. Well done.
Meiko got the win on Kagetsu with a DVD. Pretty good match with a great performance by Kagetsu but totally the wrong result. The crowd was really into Kagetsu, she looked great out there and I think it was finally time to give her the win over mama Meiko. The match was good but it was pretty much the Meiko vs Kagetsu show. 2013 should be the year for Kagetsu as she finally has the confidence and aura of someone who belongs in the main event. Rating:***3/4

Overall thoughts: 2 good ones, 2 bad ones, an Oz match and a young girl/vet trios match. Your call on this one, but the main event is worth your time and maybe the semi-main might be a little as well.


  1. I was surprised on how pro-Kagetsu the crowd was. Probably would have been a great place to pull the pin on her finally beating Meiko, but I'm guessing that wasn't happening after Kagetsu's fairly poor performance against Aja at the Hakata Star Lanes show.

    I loved how the Kagetsu/Yoshiko team was NOT on the same page on anything, but Meiko/Aja found common ground in their eagerness to haze Kagetsu and their utter disdain for Yoshiko. Meiko just hates her guts for not respecting her the way Meiko feels she deserves after paying those GAEA dues for 10 years.

    I liked the sisters tag as well and I wasn't as down on the Kandori/Ayako vs Ohata/Shuri tag. The comedy match was horrible, although Satomura was sure laughing her ass off in the commentary booth.

    Actually, would have liked to have seen a few more minutes of Oz vs Carlos, as Ozaki isn't as insufferable when she doesn't have the book and Police/Mika Nishio were left in Tokyo.

  2. Yeah it definitely would have been the time for the win. They shold have called an audible there.

    No Police really does improve Ozaki matches. I just can't imagine why Meiko didn't think he was worth bringing in lol