Friday, January 4, 2013

Quick thoughts on TNA British Bootcamp

I just watched the first two episodes of TNA's Britsh Bootcamp. British Bootcamp is basically a TNA reality show about 4 wrestlers trying to earn a spot on the TNA roster.

Before I go into the four wrestlers, I should mention that I've heard of three of them and only saw one of them. The wrestlers are:

Spud - "The Rockstar" Spud is basically like a blonde haired Jimmy Jacobs. he is your typical douchebag with long hair and glasses. He is the heel here of the series and the troublemaker.

The Blossom Twins - Hannah and Holly Blossom are both British twins from Manchester. I've seen their names in OVW for years, but WWE never signed them. That either tells me they weren't good enough or WWE was happy with having the Bella Twins. These two basically play your girl next door types who want to be role models.

Marty Scurll - "Party" Marty Scurll is basically what his name implies, a partier. Apparently he was on a dating show in the UK and they play him up as a player. They also play up that him and Spud do not like each other and that he likes Hannah Blossom.

Episode 1
Episode 1 is here:
Episode 1 features an introduction to the show and it's wrestlers, all four getting drunk and making jers of themselves and finally them meeting their trainer for the day, Mark "Rollerball" Rocco. The main story here is Spud getting drunk and then being jealous of Marty for having more twitter followers than him. The twins try to keep things cool but they all ended up fighting with each other and Spud spends the night getting smashed while the rest sleep. They all get up for practice in the morning and Spud tosses his cookies in clear view of Rocco.

Episode 2
Episode 2 is here:

Episode 2 features the crew working matches against each other. The girls wrestle and one of them sprains her ankle but keeps going. Spud walks out on Marty and tries to leave until Rocco makes him fight him instead. Spud gets his butt handed to him from both and Rocco decides they all pass. Then they all go cut promo's on each other. Spud talks about "Big things in small packages" and calls the girls ring rats while the girls say that Spud has a small package. They all pass the promo test and head to the US, where we leave off.

Overall thoughts: These shows are just like old episodes of TNA wrestling with rushed storylines. The big problem is that you can tell that no one is really going to get cut, thereby making this competition useless. The show also is pretty much all worked and doesn't even try to be a shoot, which also makes this useless. So, if you like bad reality TV, this is for you.

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