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Yuji Nagata vs Manabu Nakanishi

Yuji Nagata got the win with an armbar. No heat at all for this and this went a little too long. I found it to be quite boring.

El Samurai and Takayuki Iizuka vs Norio Honaga and Akira Nogami

Iizuka got the win here over Nogami with a suplex. Pretty boring and heatless match here. It was a waste of time as well.

Wild Pegaus Chris Benoit vs 2 Cold Scorpio

The finish
Wild Pegasus got the win with a flying headbutt. Good match here with both guys being their usual selves. Lots of high flying and suplexes but the crowd could have cared less. A shame as these guys worked well. Rating:***

"Chris tonight was the better man, but tomorrow Benoit, I'll be looking for you baby cuz yo ass is mine." - 2 Cold Scorpio
"I warn Liger than when he comes back, he's going to have to be better than he was before." - Chris Benoit
"Me and Hawk are gonna tear this place down and the Steiners are going down." - Scott Norton

Scott Norton and Hawk vs The Steiner Brothers
The finish
The Steiners got the win with the top rope bulldog. The match went a little too long for these guys. Under 12 minutes and it would have been great, but there was lots of matwork that had nothing to do with anything combined with pointless attempts at bad selling. The action parts were good though and if you like hosses throwing each other around, you will find some of this entertaining. Rating:***

Terry Funk and Shiro Koshinaka vs Masa Chono and Hiromichi Fuyuki

Shiro Koshinaka got the win over Chono with a butt bump. This was mostly all four guys screwing around and it had little of any value. A great waste of Terry Funk. Fuyuki did get heat though.

"They can take away my back, they can take away my knees, but they can't take away my heart and that's what Koshinaka saw in me." - Terry Funk
LOL at Tenryu's shirt
Antonio Inoki and Koji Kitao vs Riki Choshu and GenichiroTenryu
I'm pretty sure the Choshu/Tenryu team came about from their rivalry with each other but I don't know where the Inoki/Kitao team comes from. Tenryu and Kitao were both sumo wrestlers. Koji Kitao was a sumo yokozuna, who basically got promoted to Yokozuna more on potential and size than talent. He didn't win any championships as a yokozuna. He got into a fight with his coach and hurt the coache's wife in process, along with being a jerk to his attendants, so they kicked him out of sumo. He competed at Wrestlemania 7 with Tenryu and had his first match with NJPW, but wasn't very good. He's also famous for getting into a shoot with Earthquake, where he said wrestling wasn't real.

Inoki beat Choshu with a choke followed by a pin. Everything about this sucked. Quiz time. You have a wrestling hall of famer and someone who doesn't know how to work. Which one do you have work most of the match? If you guessed Inoki, guess again. They went with a really dumb storyline of Kitao trying to play the face in peril when the obvious storyline was Inoki being the face in peril until Kitao makes the save. Because Kitao was in there and because he can't work a lick, the match was boring and really bad. He sold almost nothing, looked bored and I think Choshu even got legit upset at him for it. Inoki also had to be Superman and get the win to end this turd. Rating:Dud

Overall thoughts: The show had some good stuff but some not so good stuff as well. Flair's match was good as was Benoit's and the Steiner's tag wasn't bad, but the rest was pretty much junk. Skip it.

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