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JWP Climax 2012 - 12/24/2012 Review

JWP Climax 2012 - 12/24/2012 Review

Yay! Time for the only JWP show a year that seems to make it on TV. There is nothing more frustrating to me than no joshi company besides Oz Academy making it on tv regularly.

JWP Jr. Heavyweight Title and Princess of Pop Title - Rabbit Miyu vs Manami Katsu
Rabbit Miyu is super young and probably the smallest joshi wrestler in the history of japan. She's decent though.

Manami Katsu beat Rabbit Miyu in 6:54 with an airplane spin. Nothing bad or that interesting here. This was your basic opening match with the girls being allowed to do more than green girls would. No problems with it though and it was perfectly acceptable. Watching Miyu getting thrown around seems so wrong on so many levels, but she has talent.

Leon and Kay Lee Ray vs DASH Chisako and Sendai Sachiko
See anything weird here with Leon's name being in english characters but the Scott's name not being in english characters?

The finish
Kay Lee Ray got the pin in 10:49 with a Northern Lights Suplex. This was clipped. It looked alright but there were some mess ups and Kay Lee Ray doesn't look that good aside from being pretty flexible. Leon didn't get to do much here unfortunately. Rating:**1/2

There was a Battle Royale type of deal with girls in santa costumes but I am skipping that. It looked to mostly be comedy and girls standing around with confused looks, and I'm not watching it.

Hanako Nakamori and Morii vs Misaki Ohata and Hiroyo Matsumoto
Hanako Nakamori is a failed 3rd rate idol girl from the defunct Ito Dojo promotion who gained a bunch of weight and ended up releasing an idol book anyway. Misaki Ohata is a huge favorite for alot of people and Matsumoto couldn't catch a break if her life depended on it.
Hiroyo Matsumoto got the win with a Liger Bomb in 12:06. Unfortunately, we got half that. Morii looked really great here. She was totally pasting people with shots and now I'd really like to see more of her. Hanako even looked good with her kicks! If you're an Ohata fan, there's not much here of her unfortunately, but the match looked pretty decent. Just wish more would have been shown as even though I couldn't see where they clipped it, I could feel it. Rating:**3/4

Commando Bolshoi vs Kaori Yoneyama

Bolshoi got the win here with a running palm strike. Unfortunately, my review of this got deleted thanks to blogger and firefox. It was a really good match with stiff shots and a nice pace to it which reminded me of joshi of the past. Well worth a look here. Rating:***1/2

Kayoko Haruyama and Tsubasa Kuragaki vs Meiko Satomura and Hailey Hatred

Tsubasa Kuragaki got the win over Hailey Hatred with what looked like a falcon arrow. Good match here with all the girls bringing something, especially Meiko Satomura. Meiko was so awesome here and really had the fire that we all love. Lots of impressive looking moves here and nice strikes and I definitely recommend this. The finish did fall a little flat though. Rating:***1/2

JWP Openweight Title - Emi Sakura vs Arisa Nakajima

Arisa Nakajima is an idol type of wrestler and one of the more popular girls out there. However, she has quit wrestling twice and after the second time that involved a scandal I really thought she burnt her bridge. However, she's just pretty much what every joshi company would want and Bolshoi really had no choice but to bring her back. Emi Sakura was the head of Ice Ribbon and became a champion in NEO years ago by complete accident, as she knocked her opponent out. Since then, she's pretty much always in the main event and has become one of the big heads of joshi along with Meiko Satomura and Nanae Takahashi.

Arisa Nakajima beat Emi Saukra in 21:05 to win the JWP Openweight Title! Great match. Hard shots, big moves, heat and a nice pace. Arisa really delivered on the main stage and the win felt big. This was a great main event and a definite must see for 2012. Rating:****1/2

Overall thoughts: Great show. I didn't see the comedy battle royale but if you scratch that every match was good. Highly recommended!


  1. More or less agree with your review. Katsu vs Rabbit was fine for a rookies title match and I think both, particularly Katsu, will be good in a few years. Too bad Rabbit is so impossibly ridiculously small.

    I always want to see more of the Sendai sister, but I think they are better when they are more in the underdog faces-in-peril role than this match-up would provide. I thought Kay Lee was fine, if not outstanding.

    I did watch the battle royale. It was exactly what you think a JWP Santa Claus cosplay battle royale, using the dregs of the roster and some random cute girls, would be.

    3S vs Hanako/Morii was boring. I wasn't as impressed with Morii as you were. You have to admit Hanako's lost weight. I think Hiroyo's gonna work a program in JWP being a JTTS to Arisa. That seems to be her specialty-big young girl that is a threat to the singles title but never gets it.

    I liked the semi-main but Hailey really didn't bring much. Based on the post-match, I guess a Kayoko-Meiko singles match is happening in the near future.

    The main was great and more story than we usually see in main events these days. Gotta love Arisa just being so bitchy and offended anytime Emi tried to be happy, especially when she started singing that stupid song. Great ending.

    Are you gonna watch the Sendai Girls show? The Ozaki match got clipped to 3 minutes, LOL.

  2. Yeah, I feel bad for Rabbit, but I guess some of her charm is how small she is.

    Yeah Hailey was just kind of there unfortunately. I'd be up for her vs Tsubasa. That'd be interesting.

    The main was really great. What was with Emi's singing? Does she usually do that now?

    I did review the Sendai girls show. Thank God for only 3 minutes of Ozaki lol

    I wish I could get more JWP to check out but I guess the next new stuff won't be until JWP MANIA?

  3. You know Emi; she likes to be happy happy and do silly stuff like sing, even in title matches. I'm glad Arisa cut that shit off.

    Maybe you already know, but ELPS uploaded a bunch of Nakajima matches from this year to Youtube.