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LLPW The Kageki Renaissance! Grand Opening 3rd Commercial Tape 10/30/92 Tokyo Korakuen Hall

LLPW The Kageki Renaissance! Grand Opening 3rd Commercial Tape 10/30/92 Tokyo Korakuen Hall

Midori Saito vs. Rumi Yasuda
This one ended in a draw. It had some nice early legwork then everyone forgot about selling it or working it. Rating: Dud

Mikiko Futagami & Leo Kitamura vs. Michiko Nagashima & Mizuki Endo
The finish
Kitamura won this one with a middle rope suplex on Nagashima. Nagashima took a whoopin' as you can see in the GIF's. This was pretty much all Kitamura/Futagami stomping on Nagashima. However, this was entertaining and I enjoyed them throwing her around like a ragdoll. Rating:**

Harley Saito vs. Yukari Osawa
Harley misses the flying headbutt and then gets the pin...
Harley won with a missed flying headbutt. I've never seen a match break down so fast. I expected this to be the best match on the show and for the first half it was, then it turned into a total disaster. I don't know what happened but after the missed tombstone above they just blew it. Harley then botched the finish. I don't know what happened here and I don't know why they didn't just do what they are great at: throwing stiff kicks. Rating:1/2*

Rumi Kazama & Miki Handa vs. Eagle Sawai & Utako Hozumi
Handa won this with a quick roll-up on Utako. The second half of this was good but the first half wasn't anything too special Nothing really wrong with it. Utako hit alot of cool reversals as you can see above and the Handa/Sawai sections had some heat. Rating:*1/2

Shinobu Kandori (black/red/blue) vs. Noriyo Tateno (black/pink)
Noriyo Tateno - The Queen of the cheap shots
The finish
Kandori won with a ground ankle lock. This was almost all mat based minus Tateno's top rope moves. Kandori sold the knee for most of this, but then they just stopped focusing on it. The crowd died near the end of this when they started doing last minute desperation submissions, but I didn't have any real problems with it minus the knee stuff. This could have been much better though.

Overall thoughts: This had some decent but not great matches. This whole show was also missing heat that it should have had. It might be worth a look but it's nothing I would go out and buy minus the tag match with Futagami and Nagashima.

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