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TNA impact Wrestling 11/29/2012 Review

TNA impact Wrestling 11/29/2012 Review

Last weeks show is here:

Hulk came out demanding Bully Ray explain the thing with Brooke.
Bully Ray said he was the number one man in Brooke's life, then Brooke Hogan came down.

Hogan said he didnt wanna see her with another wrestler, especially Bully.
Aries then complained that Hulk should be in the back doing things. He said that the desk was uncomfortable and asked Brooke how she lays on her back on it so much? Hulk then ran back there to end the segment.
We then went to break.

Mickie James vs. Gail Kim
The finish

Mickie James beat Gail Kim with a tornado DDT in a good match. It was fast paced and the crowd was hot. I enjoyed this one but it wasn't very crisp.

James Storm was then complaining to AJ Styles about not getting a title shot and AJ brought up how he won't get a shot for a year. Storm then said thinking about the past was AJ's problem. Feuding tag teams in TNA, nothing new.
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Hulk had a meeting in the back for the match with RVD tonight and eliminated Kenny King from it.
Bobby Roode came out to talk.
He ripped on Hardy for fighting York last week, since he is a nobody then called Hardy a paper champion. He said if you wanna make a name for yourself, you call out Roode.
Christian York came out. Roode said that York had a rasta looking haircut and York said that he called Roode out since Roode asked someone to. He then hit him and the match was made.

Bobby Roode vs Christian York
Bobby Roode won with the cross face. This was a darn good match and so fast. York brought it here and the crowd loved every minute of it. A fun match where York looked on the same level as Roode.
After the match, Roode tried to use a chair and Hardy made the save.
Ace's cut a promo and Devon made a demand which I couldn't catch. He said if it is fulfilled, no one gets hurt but if it isn't, all hell breaks loose.

We then got a clip of the gut check discussion:
They mentioned that Wes Brisco was the first gut check to guy to win and Bruce said that Wes went fast and made mistakes.

Al Snow is apparently missing and not at the show. Bruce asked D'Lo Brown about it, but he didn't know anything and Kurt made a plea for them to sign Wes.
Kas and Daniels cut a promo. They called everyone butt nuggets. They said they would be the next tag team champions.

James Storm and A.J. Styles vs. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian
Gangnam style
The finish
 James Storm beat Daniels with the Last Call Superkick. This was again a good match with a super fast pace to it. Daniels and Kaz are so good right now and this match was very entertaining overall. Kaz and Daniels did the Gangnam Style dance and I liked their double team stuff. Very good match.

Everyone made their case for the match tonight. Kash brought up how he beat RVD before and should get it. He chose Aries because RVD hated Aries the most. What? That was stupid.  
Samoa Joe cut a promo saying Devon couldn't hack it as TV champ.
Ryan introduced Matt Morgan

Matt Morgan vs Doug Williams
Matt Morgan won with a step kick. He hit a stiff chokeslam and won in an easy squash.

Gut Check with Wes Brisco
D-Lo Brown was the 3rd judge because Al Snow was missing.
Bruce said that Wes won but didn't do what he was capable of. He still said yes though.
Taz said it also wasn't a great match and said no. Win your match, get a no. Makes sense to me...

Wes said that he's not just doing this for him, but his family and fans. He then looked towards the sky and said for his uncle Jack.

Wes cried here and D-Lo said if it is good enough for Bruche it's good enough for him and he said ok. Wes sold this pretty well and made it seem important and Kurt and Garrett came down to congratulate him.
Bully confronted Hulk in the back and said he's confusing business with personal. Hulk then said the same thing to Bully and walked off.

ODB said EY was in the hospital and then walked off as she couldn't do this.

X-Division Title - Rob Van Dam vs Austin Aries
Aries said this was his plan all along and hulk said it was Aries turn to have some dental work courtesy of RVD.

Bully Ray went after Aries here and that was it. Bully and Hogan stared down after.Good match here with lots of quick action. This is pretty much what you would expect from these two. No finish here though which sucked and brought the ending down.

Overall thoughts: Another good show from TNA. We got a few good matches, gut check was well done and Aries was hilarious. They did everything well tonight and I enjoyed the show. They need to work on their endings though.

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