Thursday, November 22, 2012

TNA Impact Wrestling 11/22/2012 Review

TNA Impact Wrestling 11/22/2012 Review

Last weeks show is here:

Tonight is a Gut Check edition of Open Fight Night.

Gut Check Challenge - Wes Brisco vs. Garett Bischoff
Neither one of these goofs should be on the roster and they wouldn't be if it wasn't for the lucky sperm club. Brisco got the win here with a roll through roll-up with the wrist clutched. Not that bad to be honest but it was rather wooden and telegraphed.
Al Snow hyped up the Gut Check winners in the back.
Kurt said that he was proud of Wes Brisco and told them that they both needed to slow it down.
Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs. Joey Ryan
Ryan said that Matt Morgan is big but Ryan is a giant and size matters. Chavo hit the 3 amigos and was going for the frogsplash when Morgan came in and chokeslammed him for the Chavo win by DQ. Hernandez made the save. This was pointless and I do like Chavo, but every move he did here was a part of Eddie's moveset.
Aries said that the person he calls out tonight would make everyone take notice. He said it would be a family affair.
Sam Shaw vs. Alex Silva
He called out the first Gut Check winner Alex Silva. I would have called out the TNA champ myself or you know, atleast someone who has appeared on the show in the last month. They name dropped OVW and said Silva has been there. Silva speared him and took control early. Shaw had really ugly green and yellow swimming trunks on. Silva sang a line from O Canada. Shaw tried to backflip out of a backdrop and fell. Silva played to the cameras for most of this. Shaw hit a top rope legdrop for the win. The crowd loved it but I didn't.
Eric Young had the turkey suit backstage and Robbie E. asked Young to call him out so he can get revenge for T getting put in the turkey suit last year. Young then said he'd choose E and Jesse.
Aces were eating thanksgiving dinner. Devon said they had strippers for dessert. They threw a dart on the board at someone, which will decide who they attack.
Jeff Hardy vs. Christian York in a non-title match
York said that luck was on his side so he was going to do double-down and call out Jeff Hardy. Hardy had both belts with him for reasons I don't understand. Hardy did a twist of fate here to no one that really had to hurt. York hit a Kenta Kobashi half nelson suplex. York tried a Mariko Yoshida spider twist but lost the grip and tried to hold Hardy on with his legs only. York hit a twist of fate but it wasn't enough. York took a sunset bomb and flopped around after with some ok selling. Hardy then got the win with a swanton bomb. Not a bad match with a fast pace and lots of big moves. Bobby Roode came in after and spinebustered York and speared Hardy.
Brooke Hogan told Taelor Hendrix to use her nerves as momentum because this is what she was meant to do.
Tara vs. Taelor Hendrix in a non-title match
Hendrix called out Tara since it was her first night back. Taz said you know you are in love with a chick when you gorilla press her on live tv. Hendrix wore atleast three different bra's here. I think one good sports bra would do the trick. Tara got the win with the widow's peak. Taelor didn't really get to show much here but she looked alright with what she did. They kept it at a fast pace so it was hard for it to be bad.
Eric Young vs. Jesse vs. Robbie E in a Turkey Suit match
Eric Young locked up with the ref to start this. Tara and ODB went at it in ring and Jesse interuppted Young pinning E. I'm not sure why since it would prevent him from wearing the suit. Young then rolled up Jesse right after I typed that. This didn't last more than 3 minutes. Jesse then put on the turkey suit and Aces attacked Young. They handcuffed ODB to the post and Doc hit Young's ankle with a hammer. The faces then made the save late like usual after the damage had been done. There had been talk of Young leaving TNA and this is how they did it.
Jesse in the turkey suit
Kazarian and Daniels came out and called out AJ Styles.
Kazarian vs AJ Styles

AJ Styles got the win with an awesome pele kick here. Very good match with Kaz hitting a super stiff clothesline at one point. This was pretty much what you would expect and it was all quality.

Aries came out to talk. He said that the deck has been stacked against him and people are out to get him. He said that Hogan was the reason for all his problems. He said that Brooke Hogan was the one causing the problems though. He called her the princess Hogan and said he was tired of the name Hogan. Aries said he wanted Brooke to get married so she wouldn't have that last name anymore. He said she could be Brooke McMahon in their usual WWE dib. He then said her name would be Bully Ray Hogan.

Aries showed clips of Brooke and Bully being caught together in the last few weeks. Aries said that if Brooke wanted love, she didn't have to settle for turkey because A Double would give her all the stuffing she could handle. Bully then chased him off and Hulk came down too. That's how they ended the show.

Overall thoughts: This show was okay enough but most of the matches were very short. It went by pretty quickly and nothing was that bad. Could have been worse! I don't like them ending shows with promos though. It's such a flat way to end a show.


  1. I loved the York vs Hardy fight. Especially the ending. Im hoping that this is a leadup to a new much needed extra tag team.