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WWF Superstars of Wrestling 2/3/1990

WWF Superstars of Wrestling 2/3/1990
Previous week's show is here: http://prowresblog.blogspot.com/2012/07/wwf-superstars-1271990.html

Hosted by Vince McMahon and Jesse Ventura
"Working Jess, something you know nothing about." - Vince
"I used to work..." - Jesse
The card:
"Dusty Rhodes, a man dedicated to his profession. All those hard hours in gymnasium. Making sure he's in absolute, perfect A-1 condition." - Lord Alfred Hayes, WHAT?
Dusty Rhodes vs Tony Burton
Dusty won this so quick here. Barely hit a few punches and hit an elbow for the win.

They showed clips from Beefcake/Genius at the 1990 Royal Rumble.
Mr. Perfect came down and evened the scored
"Beefcake, I bet you're real proud of what you did to Genius at the Royal Rumble. Well, you and your ribs found out one thing, nobody sticks their nose in Mr. Perfect's buisness." - Mr. Perfect
"Ruining my perfect haircut at the Royal Rumble gets me hot, but trying to bust me up, you've gone overboard. You've got me in a state where I could just go crazy." - Brutus Beefcake
"You could get me into a state where you lose more than just your hair." - Brutus Beefcake
"Beefcake, I'm gonna make sure you never touch my clothes again." - Rick Martel
Rick Martel vs Reno Riggins
"Beefcake, you cut up and destroy my clothes right here on TV and you thought it was funny. Well, you don't see me laughing. Believe me, when I put my hands on you, the fun will be all over for you." - Rick Martel
Martel wins in quick fashion with the Boston Crab. Nothing to this here but forwarding the Martel/Beefcake feud.
Mike Davis vs Jim Duggan
Mike Davis would later become "Maniac" Mike Davis in GWF. Here is him in his later gimmick here: http://prowresblog.blogspot.com/2012/08/global-wrestling-federation-vol-86-from.html
"Do you think he is a throwback to the ancient man?" - Vince
"No, I just consider him an uneducated idiot." - Jesse
"And the late Bear Bryant wouldn't have liked it any better than that." - Jesse
Duggan wins with his football tackle clothesline in another easy squash.

Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase vs Jake the Snake Roberts

"When you invite Jake the Snake to a party, it'll be a hodown you'll never forget." - Vince
"He wants Virgil to stick his hand in the bag and get the belt. Virgil is defly afraid." - Vince
The Big Boss Man takes the bag with the Million Dollar belt and the snake.
The match ended when the Big Boss Man interfered and hit Jake with his nightstick. Really not much to it at all, but the minute or two we got was interesting.
"What we have right here is what I said time and time again. There is nothing in this world that money cannot buy." - Million Dollar Man
"And what do you do Brother Love when you are dealing with a theif? You get the police, and I got the best policeman money can buy." - Million Dollar Man
"And now it's time for your payoff." - Dibiase
"Wait a minute, what's this about a payoff?" - Big Boss Man
"Let's just say he's given us a small token of his esteem. A small donation." - Slick
"You didn't say nothin' about no donation to me. You said I was going to go out there and retrieve stolen property." - Boss Man
"Now you stick your hand in there and get me my belt." - Dibiase
"Listen you fat-faced punk, you don't tell me what to do." - Boss Man
"This is what your money bought you.If you want it, you're going to have to get it the old-fashioned way. You're going to have to earn it." - Boss Man
"I may be alot of things boy, but I can't be bought and I ain't no thief." - Boss Man
"Boss Man, what are you doing? Come back here boy." - Slick
"Nooo, noo." - Dibiase
Boss Man gives Jake the key
Boss Man shoves Slick
This was a great angle with great work by everyone and some really awesome camera shots. Really nice stuff here.
Mike Justice vs Earthquake
"No one can stand up to the Earthquake baby, he's my national disaster." - Jimmy Hart
"No one has ever beaten me and no one ever will, and that includes you, Warrior." - Earthquake
"I think that was about 7.4 on the Richter scale." - Jesse
Mike Justice took a second Earthquake Aftershock after this
Justice then did a stretcher job.
"I thought what is it? Who's the strongest force? And that's when my Hulkamaniac's came to me and they said Hulkster, lightning never strikes twice. I've looked into the eyes of the Warrior and it had to be an accident. Now, we've just got to know, we just can't live with this thing."
"I've thought about tying the Warrior up and wiping all that war paint off his face, just to see what kind of man he really is, but now I can't live with it anymore. Ultimate Warrior, me and my Hulkamaniac's will put the title on the line. We challenge you Warrior, we got to know what the strongest force is in the WWF." - Hulk Hogan
"I've got to find out if you ride your Harley Davidson side by side with the devil. If I find out that the power you possess comes from drinking the sweat of the devil's armpit, by GOD, I'll strike you down." - Hulk Hogan
"Grahnahahmwahah...Hulk Hogan, I speak to you, Hulk Hogan."
"You Hulk Hogan, control a force field around you that I am only beginning to understand."
"I reached out and felt Hulkamaniac's reach out for the excrimities that were clung on to me."

"You Hulk Hogan, think what you will. But I not need to hit from behind or take a cheap shot."
"I bring to you Hulk Hogan, the one and only, ULTIMATE CHALLENGE." - Ultimate Warrior
Butch Stanley and Chris Walker vs The Powers of Pain - The Barbarian and The Warlord
Chris Walker, much like Mike Davis, was also a longtime member of the GWF. Here is a report with a match of his here: http://prowresblog.blogspot.com/2012/08/global-wrestling-federation-vol-92.html
"You know, alot of people think the Rockers are crazy for stepping in there with the Powers of Pain, well Powers of Pain, we don't run away from anybody and we won't run away from you." - Shawn Michaels

The Powers of Pain won when Barbarian hit a diving clothesline from the top. Very little focus of this was on the match. It was all about Warrior/Hogan.
"You Rick Rude, hanging up upside down in the cage, thinkin' you Batman. Dunna Dunna Dunna Dunna, you ugly enough I'll tell ya." - Roddy Piper
"And then a revision's gonna come to you. You're gonna know what Noriega felt like." - Roddy Piper
"A man in my position can never afford to look ridiculous."
"The Macho King says you're in trouble now, past the danger zone."" - Macho King Randy Savage
"Sapphire you're gonna be mine. I'm gonna be on you like butts on an inner tube." Sensational Sherri
"Demolition, next week, you are going to feel their power."
"Next week, we got some important buisness to take care of." - Axe
"Fuj, you better be ready. Power against power, fist against fist and our feet down your throat." - Smash
Overall thoughts: This was a really good show. The Boss Man/Dibiase/Jake angle was really good, the promo's of Warrior, Hogan and Boss Man were insane and overall, I was entertained. The build to Wrestlemania 6 is on! Definitely recommended, so check it out!

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