Friday, July 20, 2012

WWF Superstars 1/27/1990

The Royal Rumble is over and now the hype train is headed for Wrestlemania VI

WWF IC Champion the Ultimate Warrior defeated Bob Bradley in a non-title match
Warrior did an inset tearing down Dino Bravo. Bob did some wonderful selling here. He sold it like he was really shaken up and he was flopping everywhere. This was a good squash. Warrior carried him on his shoulder to the back.

The Colossal Connection got sneak attacked by Demolition on Wrestling Challenge.

Mr. Perfect (w/ the Genius) pinned Jim Powers at 2:03 with the Perfect Plex
Genius announced Perfect as the next champion. Perfect wrestled really quickly and took Powers out easy.

Jake Roberts pinned Pete Sanchez with the DDT at 2:04; after the bout, Ted Dibiase and Virgil came ringside, with Dibiase demanding that Virgil go into Roberts' snake bag and reclaim the Million $ title; Virgil was too scared and ended up running backstage when Jake took Damien out of the bag
Jesse said Jake needs to change his name to "Jake the Theif" after taking Dibiase's belt. Jake did an inset and challenged Dibiase to get the belt in Damian's bag. Virgil sold his fear of the snake really well. Jake let Damian lose and Virgil fell out of the ring.

Nikolai Volkoff & Boris Zhukov defeated Mark Reagan & Lyn Wagner
If Dino is my most hated WWF wrestler, Boris Zhukov would make the podium for that prize. We got a little of Russia's Got Talent before the match with the usual singing performance. The Bushwhackers did an inset challenging the Bolsheviks. That's a scary sounding match up. Vince said the Bushwhackers could sing better than Nikolai. I disagree. Vince said they can really sing that "Tie Me Kangaroo Down stuff".  Boris won with a clothesline to the back of the neck.

Tugboat Thomas pinned Iron Mike Sharpe with a splash at 2:26 (Tugboat's TV debut) (SuperTape)
This is the debut of Tugboat. Toot Toot. Tugboat hit a great standing dropkick. Tugboat hit a nice splash to take it home. Good match. Rating: *

Bad News Brown defeated Chuck Coates
Coates looks like the lost Rougeau brother. Jesse says that the WWF title would get a smile out of Bad News. He should have gotten a run just for that. Bad News got yelled at for choking his opponent then he said, "So What? It's legal in Harlem". GHETTO BLASTER and it's over. Bad News took some extra shots after the match.

Dibiase was live from the weight room and challenged Jake for next week.

Roddy Piper defeated John Justice
Piper cut a weird inset on Rude. Don't even ask me what he was saying. Piper made quick work of his opponent here with a roll-up with tights.  Piper laid a whooping on Justice after.

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