Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Global Wrestling Federation Vol. 92

Global Wrestling Federation Vol. 92

Scott Anthony, Craig Johnson and Eddie Gilbert are on commentary.

Gary Young vs Barry Horowitz

This was short but decent. Young won when he countered the sunset flip into a pin. Rating:*1/2

Shaun Summers vs The Handsome Stranger (Buff Bagwell)
"If he's so handsome, why is he wearing a mask?" - Scott Anthony
Shaun Summers
"I more than appreciate your help, Mr. Stuff." - Anthony
"No problem, Mr. Throb." - Gilbert
"Joe Weider was the original maker of Champions, then there's Eddie Gilbert. You made Sting and The Ultimate Warrior champions under your tutelage, but they were never as great as we are." - Anthony
The finish
"Is Shaun Summers Doug Sommers' younger brother?" - Anthony
"No" - Craig
"Ah okay, older brother?" - Anthony
This one was just so-so. This was a very basic match. Rating:1/2*
"Stranger, stay out of the sport. It's not for you." - Anthony
Jeff Gaylord vs Sweet Daddy Falcone
Jeff Gaylord comes out with a WWE Diva, I mean a Hooter's girl.
A Hooter's girl, Skandor Akbar and Sweet Daddy Falcone
"Akbar presents his pupil, who is getting free tuition." - Craig
"I've never seen someone bring a violin case to ringside." - Craig
"What possible good could that do him?" - Hudson
"This is the Atlantic side of the Coast to Coast Connection." - Craig

Gaylord won here after a roll-up off a missed top-rope splash. Nothing that great here. Rating:*

Black Bart and Tugboat Taylor vs Chris Walker and Steve Simpson
Black Bart and Tugboat Taylor are my GWF dream team if there ever was a such a thing.
Walker got the win here with a high-cross body. You would believe me if I said that this was awesome right? Walker was bodyslammin' fatboys and Tug Taylor was being fat. I was really entertained by this and the crowd was hot. Rating:***

Taylor turned on Bart after the match. There goes my dream team.
"Boni Blackstone, Black Bart. Gosh, there's alot of B's in that." - Boni
Black Bart said "dat gum" atleast 7 times in his 30 second promo.

Wild Bill Irwin vs John Tatum
John Tatum does NOT like whips.
"If I ever wrestle him, I want Mr. Lash taken away to the dressing room." - Gilbert
"I'm losing my mind in this. Help me." - Gilbert
Akbar trips Irwin for the Tatum win.
Tatum won here after Akbar tripped Irwin. This was boring once the whips got put away. But that's the problem I have with alot of cowboy gimmicks, where do you go from there? Rating:1/2*
Tatum is trapped until the Coast to Coast Connection appears
"So long, everybody." - Craig
Overall thoughts: I'd give this one a thumbs up. Anthony and Gilbert were hilarious on commentary, I loved the Bart/Tugboat team and Irwin threw the whip around a little which was cool. The opener was very good too. Check it out if you have some time.

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