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WOW TV Disk 10 Part 1

WOW TV Disk 10 Part 1
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We finally find out what happened in the Thug/Gold match. Selina Majors hit both of them and the ref with a trash can to end the show.

Wendi Wheels vs Summer (aka Bobbi Billiard)
Wendi won here with an X-factor. They kept this really short so it wasn't bad at all, though Wendi needs work on her sharpshooter. Then again, so does the Rock. She has a great boston crab though.
"Your pet pig is smarter than you, Beckie."
Beckie the Farmer's Daughter
Beckie the Famer's Daughter vs The Disciplinarian
You can see the other Farmer's Daughters such as Amy and Sally in my GLOW review's. There's actually a third named Babe that I didn't cover yet. A show featuring Amy is here:
A show with Sally the Farmer's Daughter is here:

Beckie won here with a 450 in a surprisingly really good match. Beckie stuck to dropkicks and dives off the top and I'm totally cool with this. This was a ton of fun and definitely a top 10 for best WOW matches. Rating:***
"Little girl, the girl you should be afraid of is ME. You do your push ups and your sit ups. I am the best lady wrestler in the world." - Thug to Terri Gold
Lana Star was then announced as the winner of the Venus Swimwear competition.
"When I joined this company, I never thought something like becoming blind in one eye could happen right now." - Randi Rah-Rah
"She doesn't know what it's like to have to look like this, to have to face people." - Randi on Lana
"Have you ever been blindfolded, David? I have a proposition for you." - Randi
Hammerin' Heather Steele vs Jungle Grrrl
Jungle Grrrl won this quick high-impact match. She hit Heather with two splashes and a superplex. I was really surprised to see Heather take those bumps. Pretty good squash here and Jungle Grrrl looked great.
"I am the number 1 contender for the championship belt. Learn the laws of the jungle, baby. That belt is mine."
Farah and Paradise vs Jade and Lotus - The Asian Invasion
Farah and Paradise won after a double russian legsweep. Pretty good match. They kept it simple and stuck to their spots, and it worked. Asian Invasion did a really nice job again.
They talked about Jade suffering another loss and trying to be a good sport. I smell a heel turn coming, but I hope it's not the case.
Patti Pizzazz vs Jacklyn Hyde with Dr. Sara Bellum
Jacklyn Hyde won here with three diamond cutters. I always liked the Jacklyn Hyde gimmick. I think the name is clever personally. This was good too. Patti can really move and she's just naturally likeable. Randi came out after to prevent Hyde from doing any more damage to Patti.

Randi came back to Patti's dressing room to check up on her and Lana and Randi got into it. Lana sprayed something in Randi's good eye. McLane said she was blinded.
Thug vs Bronco Billie
Thug won easy here with the Vader Bomb. Squash City all the way.

Overall thoughts: Good show. A couple of good matches here and it's surely worth your time. Main event was a joke though.

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