Thursday, August 30, 2012

GLOW Disk 10 Part 1

"Amy the Farmer's Daughter would rather climb the top of the Empire State Building than the local library. She heard that the library has more than a thousand stories." - Sir Miles Headlock
"Did the other student's like you?" - Susie Spirit
"Certainly, they voted me the class monitor." - Headlock
The line-up:

Some of the GLOW girls from a quick rap
Little Fiji
Amy the Farmer's Daughter

Little Fiji and Amy the Farmer's Daughter vs Matilda the Hun
"I tear my opponent's from limb to limb, with Matilda the Hun, you'll always win."
At GLOW, Whips = Legal
Matilda eats raw meat in-ring.
Matilda eats a bone as Fiji ties her legs with rope
Matilda's arms are tied and her opponents take her animal hide
Matilda won this one easy. This was interesting to be honest. I kind of was entertained to be honest.

Ashley Cartier vs Mana the Headhunter

The girls sang for her.
"All of her opponents are in fear, when Mana comes with her spear." - The Bad Girls
I'll take gimmicks that wouldn't fly in 2012 for $200, please.
Ashley Cartier won this when Mana the Headhunter was DQ'd for choking her. Well, Mana played up to her gimmick.

"I heard Little Fiji invented a new flying manuever." - Chainsaw
"Yeah, a crash landing." - Spike

"Soul Patrol, can you make a sentence using the word cider?"
"Yeah, I'm gonna hit you upsider your head."
"Tina Ferrari's just a clown, I'll take my bike and run her down."
Angel vs Tina Ferrari
Tina Ferrari got the win here after a samoan drop. This wasn't that bad by GLOW standards. Then Palestina came out to attack.
"Vladimir, I will gladly find you a new position on our olympic a javelin catcher." - Ninotchka
Tara the Southern Belle
The Housewives, my favorite team
"First, I wanna say that I don't like this room. SHUT UP" - Phyllis
"Phyllis likes to cook and Eileen likes to slouch, on the terlet, on the dining table, watching tv on the couch." - Eileen

"We'll still make good opponents for those hussies and those tramps, we're gonna beat their butts, despite our aching cramps." - Eileen
The Housewives make the Doll put on pants
They force Tara to put a blouse on
One of them decides to make a cake mid-match

The Housewives got DQ'd for using facial cream on the ref's head. Okay, there was no wrestling to this, but the Housewives entertain me to no end. I cannot believe Vince never signed these two as you KNOW they are up his alley.
"Taste the sauce, David. It's been handed down from generation to generation." - Aunt Kitty
"Probably because nobody wanted to get stuck with it." - McLane
Overall thoughts: This was as GLOW as GLOW can get. The wrestling was poor as usual but the Housewives and the handicap match interested me. If you are interested in GLOW, I would probably recommend this.

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