Sunday, September 2, 2012

WOW TV Disk 9 Part 2

WOW TV Disk 9 Part 2
Part1 is here:

"Everybody's favorite Tool-Time girl, Hammerin' Heather Steele"
Hammerin' Heather Steele vs Poison
Apparently, Poison was a chemist and inhaled toxic which made her change her personality and become Poison.
Poison won here with the Poison Paralyzer. Steele wasn't too good aside from nice selling on the camel clutch.

"Listen, we're gonna have the Asian Invasion for breakfast. But what we really want is those silly little jailbirds(Caged Heat)" - EZ Rider
"What'cha gonna do? When the Angel's make roadkill outta you." - Charlie Davidson
The Asian Invasion - Jade and Lotus vs Harley's Angels - Charlie Davidson and EZ Rider
Charlie pulls the hair while this guy enjoys himself

Harley's Angels got the win here with a double DDT. This was actually rather good. The Asian Invasion is a great face team and they hit their hope spots well.

Strap Match (You must drag your opponent to all 4 sides of the ring to win) - Roxy Powers vs Slam Dunk
"And now Slam reeling Roxy in like a big fish." - Lee Marshall
Slam hits 3 but so does Roxy...

Roxy hit the 4th for the win and Slam Dunk's first loss. Slam was so awesome in this. She was a huge jerk and was a giant loudmouth. She showeed more emotion and character than the whole divas division has in 10 years. I really liked this. Rating:**
"What time is it? HARD TIME." - Loca
Caged Heat vs Caliente and Boom Boom - Jeanie Buss(Lakers VP and former Playboy model) at the booth
"Phil Jackson works wonders on athletes. Maybe he could work on the attitudes of these two." - Lee Marshall

Caged Heat won here with Capital Punishment. Caged Heat was a little akward in this and Boom/Caliente aren't the best. Harley's Angels attacked after the match with pool cues.
WOW title: Terri Gold vs Thug
And that was it...the ref bumped, Selena Majors came out and nailed gold with the trashcan lid and it cut away. Don't ask me, I have no idea.

Overall thoughts: I feel pretty cheated by the main since it was actually good and interesting. You absolutely cannot do that in this day and age with a title on the line. I enjoyed the Asian Invasion and Slam Dunk on this, but I don't recommend it because of the finish in the main. It really put a turd on top of a nice sundae.

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