Thursday, August 30, 2012

GLOW Disk 9 Part 1

Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling - GLOW - Disk 9

I believe that this disk is probably going to be a mix and match of different things from GLOW, so bear with me if it seems random. I just want to note also that with all my reviews, the quotes are the original, unedited quotes. Keep this in mind especially for this review, as GLOW often said ridiculous, sexist and crude things at times.

Colonel Ninotchka apparently won a $10,000 Battle Royale
"I want a match with Americana. I'll give you $10,000 for a match with Americana." - Colonel Ninotchka
"Give me the money. I'll get you a match with Americana." - David McLane
"Today, I'll wrestle Attache. She isn't that fast." - Sally The Farmer's Daughter
"I'm gonna rip all that blonde hair out." - Attache
"Susie Spirit, we're gonna take that bandage off and maybe the arm with it." - Hollywood
"I have to be careful, I'm sure they'll show no hesitation in coming after my arm." - Susie Spirit
"Defector from Russia? That's what I think Ninotchka is, a Russian defect." - Tammy Jones
"There is no place that she can run or hide from Ninotchka." - Ninotchka on Tammy Jones
"I enjoy teaming with the princess of darkness. She has the one quality I require: evilness." - Palestina
"Let them yell, let them scream, but the princess of Darkness will reign supreme."
"Direct from the Rivera Hotel..David McLane Enterprises presents the fun action-packed show, GLOW"

Today's line up
"Pony Tails and Tapping feet, dimpled face and smiles so sweet, don't crumble up my ribbons and lace or I'll tap my toes all over your face." - Tammy Jones
"Colonel Ninotchka comes from Russia, America I'm here to crush ya. With just one look, you can summize, I was born to pulverize." - Colonel Ninotchka
Ninotchka chokes Tammy with the flag then snapmare's her with it.
Colonel Ninotchka vs Tammy Jones

"By now, everybody knows that Colonel Ninotchka is supreme. It's only a matter of time before she pulverize's her opponent." - Ninotchka via inset
"Puny Americans!" - Ninotchka
"Go Ahead!" - Ninotchka
"Get up there, c'mon." - Fan to other fan
I'd put my money on Ninotchka, personally.
"Look at that, mocking those fans as if they are some type of farm animal." - McLane
Tammy gets a reversal from the electric chair position

Tammy stomps the flag

Ninotchka gets a cigar as she pins Tammy
Ninotchka won this squash easy. Ninotcha is probably the best wrestler GLOW ever had next to Ivory/Tina Ferrari.  I still can't believe she ganso bombed Tammy. On a side note, I never liked Tammy. I was never sure if she was supposed to be playing a female Eugene or her acting made her come across as one.

Attache vs Sally the Farmer's Daughter
"I'm gonna catch her, hogtie her and brand her butt one-by-one." - Sally
Sally won here with a sunset flip, much to the crowd's delight. Terrible match.
"I'm off to pick up my mail. They hold it in a special place for me. The dead letter office hahah." - Princess of Darkness
"You can't build a relationship, unless you've got a solid foundation." - Tina Ferrari aka Ivory
The Princess of Darkness
The California Doll grabs Palestina's incense candle
Palestina grabs a sword.
Palestina pops the Doll's beachball
Then she hits her with her surfboard!
"She's gonna cut her head off!" - McLane
The princess casts a spell

Princess controls her mind
Olympia hulks up
Olympia controls the Doll
Olympia grabs a table
The Spell is broken
Palestina got Dq'd for kicking the ref in the nuts.
Lots of stupid jokes here
"Susie Spirit and I plan on teaching those two street kids a little lesson." - Americana on Hollywood and Vine

Imagine Martha Stewart cutting a promo on someone, and that's basically what we got here.
Susie Spirit and Americana
Don't even ask me how this makes sense. Spirit basically did a handstand into the ropes from outside and we were supposed to buy that vine put her like that.
Spirit won this after the flip pictured above and a seperate splash. This is probably about as good as you going to get from GLOW. With that being said: Rating: 1/4*
We then get a special rap from David McLane!
"That Tammy Jones just finished her latest book." - Ninotchka
"Oh really? Did she color all the pictures?" - Spanish Red
"David, one of these days this pretty girl will be married and do you know who the lucky man will be?" - Aunt Kitty
"Everybody else." - McLane

Overall thoughts: This is GLOW. You don't watch for the workrate.

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