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Ring of Honor TV 9/29/2012 Review

Ring of Honor TV 9/29/2012 Review

Last week's show is here:
"I'm Kevin Kelly and welcome everyone to a special Road Rage edition of ROH". - Kevin Kelly
ROH World Tag Team Title Tournament Finals Joined in Progress - Steve Corino and Jimmy Jacobs vs Charlie Haas and Rhett Titus
Jimmy Jacobs pinned Rhett Titus after Shelton Benjamin hit Rhett with the paydirt when they got into an arguement. There was no heat at all for this. You could have heard a sneeze in the crowd. No one cared and I think there was an audio problem as the announcers seemed like they were recording from a studio. This was slow and not interesting. After the match, WGTT beat up Rhett.
"All I want is the chance to become the ROH champion." - Jay Lethal
"The American Wolf is entering Survival of the Fittest." - Davey Richards (RESPECT!)
"You cannot beat me." - Homicide
The finish
Jay Lethal beat Homicide with the package DDT shown above. Dead was not the word for this crowd. I had to check to make sure it wasn't on mute. I've never heard a deader crowd in my life. Homicide was a little entertaining here but Lethal was really dry. I've never been a big Lethal fan and I don't think it's going to happen anytime soon. This one just didn't have any flow to it. They did a few moves with Homicide showing Lethal that Lethal couldn't win until Lethal eventually won.

"Kevin Steen, on October 13th in my hometown, there's no more waiting, because Unbreakable Michael Elgin shows everyone in the world and I didn't forget you Roderick Strong, that I am the new world's champion." - Michael Elgin
"Briscoes, you might be 7 time champions, but you're just going to be a footnote in the history of SCUM." - Steve Corino
"Michael Elgin, you might think you'll have all the support in Canada, but this is all the support I need right here. Where's the House of Truth, bud?" - Kevin Steen
ROH TV Title: Adam Cole (c) vs Mike Mondo
"Tonight, we fight under Ring of Mondo, No Fear rules"
"No countout, no DQ, we fight to a finish when there's a winner and a loser."
"Are you a man? Do you accept or do you yield?" - Mike Mondo quoting Game of Thrones
Matt Hardy on commentary
Mike Mondo refuses to curb stomp Adam Cole
The finish
Adam Cole beat Mike Mondo with the Figure Four. What they showed looked really good but it was pretty clipped. They worked all their moves pretty well, especially the figure four. The german on the outside was absolutely sick.
"More people have come to me and said that Adam Cole reminds them of a Matt Hardy more than anyone else in this wrestling buisness."
"But there's one big difference Adam. I was better than you at your age and I am much better than you now." - Matt Hardy
Overall thoughts: Only one good match here. The main was all you would really want to see, but it was clipped. I know some people didn't like the Hardy segment, but I did and I think it may help get a fext extra buys. Skip this episode of ROH. One match doesn't make a show and alot of this show was hard to get through.

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