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Ring of Honor TV 9/22/2012 Review

Last week's show is here:

Mike Mondo cut a promo asking Strong how he will feel when he makes an example of him.

Strong returned the promo and said Mondo's new name will be, "I fear Roderick Strong" Mike Mondo.

Mike Mondo vs Roderick Strong
Kelly said that these two were mirror images of each other with the way they train. They started off early exchanging strikes with both of them being pretty even. Mondo hit a really awesome figure four on Strong's legs combined with a headstand. Then he did a bridge off of it. Nigel called Truth a "Willy Wanker". They exchanged more strikes on the outside and Mondo countered Strong's chops with a headbutt to the chest. He also gave him one to the head and broke his nose. They then went to commercial.

We got a local promo for Pittsburgh which had bad lighting plus bad focus. They said it would be a TV taping. Elgin and Truth cut a promo and said that Elgin would be the new TV champion.

We came back to the match with more outside fighting. Strong threw Mondo into the barricade and the post. Mondo trapped Strong in the ringskirt and stomped on him from there. Back in the ring, Mondo hit a moonsault onto a standing Strong. They went back inside again and Strong did a backdrop onto Mondo back in the ring. Mondo rebounded off the ropes then did a hurracanrana to Strong. Mondo went for his long running tackle and put Strong into the barricade. Mondo looked like he got the worst of it as he was holding his elbow. Todd Sinclair went to stop the match but Mondo said no. Strong hit a backbreaker off of this for a close near fall. Mondo got put in the Stronghold with the crowd chanting "TAP". Roddy hit the gutbuster for another really close nearfall.  Strong then hit a big knee and a lazy yazuka for the win.

This was a very good and rough match. Lots of hard shots here with fast paced action. I really enjoyed this one and it might be worth a look. Rating:***

Inside Ring of Honor
They pimped Glory by Honor XI with Steen vs Elgin. I'd like to see Elgin take this one. Elgin cut a promo saying "every second is part of time, but the last three seconds will be part of history". Truth said the title will be coming home to the House of Truth and Elgin said, "This isn't about the House of Truth". He said he will be the one to bring the belt home, not Strong, but Truth didn't really buy it. There's your first title storyline right there.

Mike Bennett and Maria cut a promo showing Mondo sending many letters to Maria. Mike promised to slap the taste out of Mondo's mouth from kissing Maria.

Jay Lethal cut his typical bad promo on his match with Davey Richards, this time sounding like Damien Sandow. He mentioned the three little pigs and said at the end of the story, they killed that big, bad wolf. RESPECT!(Sorry,  had to throw a Davey Richards joke in there.)

They then went to matches from earlier in the night at the Rhode Island Convention Center:

Matt Taven vs Antonio Thomas vs QT Marshall vs Vinnie Marsellio(sp?) highlights
Marshall hit an awesome dive over the top, he also took a nasty high back body drop. Taven did a roll of the dice on his opponent. QT hit a outside to inside springboard middle rope leg lariat. Marshall hit a face first slam from the dominator position for the win over Taven. QT looked much better here. It looked like a good match. Thomas by the way was from the Heartthrobs, a former WWE team.

Adam Cole vs Brutal Bob Evans highlights
Bob hit a cool backbreaker on the apron. Cole did a superkick to Evans' leg and then put a figure-four on. Evans tried to break it by using Cole's fist to punch Cole's leg, but he tapped out. Bennett and Maria then hit the ring but got chased off by Sara Del Ray and Eddie Edwards.

We got another local promo for ROH in Pittsburgh. It was the exact same promo as earlier. It's not really in Pittsburgh as it's a nice hour drive away.

Mike Bennett and Maria vs Eddie Edwards and Sara Del Ray
Maria did a cocky handshake. She teased going at it with Del Ray but then tagged out immediately. Eddie and Mike went at it back and forth before Mike took dueling kicks from Sara and Eddie. Sara axe-kicked Mike. Sara did a lot of kicks but they looked slow and weak. Maria stuck with doing knees which are pretty hard to screw up. Eddie came in and hit a cool missile dropkick on Mike and then did the Kobashi chops. We then went to break.

Nigel said that Del Ray was arguably the best female wrestler in the world and I would definitely argue that. Yuhi or Yuzuki Aikawa would be my picks along with Kana and Ayumi Kurihara. Maria came in against Eddie for a little. The crowd chanted CM Punk and after a few stomps, she got out. Eddie hit a Boston Knee Party (diving codebreaker). Maria jumped in against Eddie and quickly got dumped. Eddie tagged in Del Ray who did a bunch of yakuza's and did a koppo kick into Bennett. Eddie came in and did an awesome tope onto Bennett on the outside. He flew like Superman. Eddie then got him back in and hit a chinchecker(backpack stunner). Eddie put an Achilles lock on Mike while Sara put an ankle lock on Maria. Del Ray chased Maria under the ring while Mike put an Achilles lock of his own on Eddie. Del Ray came out from under the ring with Maria's bra and panties, much to Nigel's delight. Eddie hit the Achilles lock for the win.

This was an entertaining match. I liked it more for Maria's shenanigans than the actual wrestling. She was pretty entertaining and didn't embarrass herself. Rating:*1/2

Overall thoughts: Good show. This went quickly and everything shown looked good. I don't think you should go out of your way to see it, but if you come across it, it may be worth a shot.

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  1. "Nigel said that Del Ray was arguably the best female wrestler in the world and I would definitely argue that. Yuhi or Yuzuki Aikawa would be my picks along with Kana and Ayumi Kurihara."

    No argument about Ayumi but are you really talking about the whole world right now? Meiko and Nanae deserve to be in that. Yuhi is a rookie with less than 10 matches and Aikawa is very limited right now. That sentence was absurd.