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ROH TV 9/15/2012 Review

ROH TV 9/15/2012 Review

The previous show is here:

Tonight's Main Event
"When my kids act out, I take them out back and give them a good old fashioned whipping and that's what I'm gonna do for you tonight Truth. I'm gonna bend Elgin over and spank his @$$" - Haas
"Truth Martini promised me your title shot. Truth didn't you?" - Strong to Elgin then to Truth
"I'm going on strike. Michael, when you get your title shot, I'm gonna be sittin' in the front row, watching your fat @$$ fail." - Strong
Michael Elgin vs Charlie Haas
Roddy's on strike outside and drinking beer
"Managers are like diapers.  Need to wipe them and change them frequently." - Nigel
Haas exposes the knee
"Every city needs a hero. Philadelphia has Rocky, Pittsburgh, has the Sicilian Psychopath." - RD Evans
"Come on, you're my favorite wrestler. I love you." - Strong
Elgin spears Haas into Roddy
Elgin pours beer on Strong
Haas got the win after Roddy spit beer at Elgin and Haas pulled the tights. The focus on this one was mostly on Roddy's antics. They worked Elgin's knee a little, but they did it mostly during the break when no one could see it.

Inside ROH
They shilled Glory by Honor XI. Steen cut an average promo talking about how he will retain the title.
"Hey Mike, you might wanna cover your ears for this one, because she was the one who stuck her tongue down my throat first." - Mondo on his forced kiss on Maria last week
Coming up on ROH TV
The Briscoe Brothers vs Steve Corino and Jimmy Jacobs
"Chicken farmin', redneck charmin', dem boys from Delaware." - Nigel
Yep, Jimmy Jacob
The Briscoes won with a doomsday device. This was mostly all Briscoe here. Mark was so awesome in this as evidenced by the GIF's. I think Mark may be my favorite US wrestler to watch right now. Corino was surprisingly decent in this too. Definitely worth a look. Rating: **1/2

They closed the show out with highlights from Steen and Kingston, then previewed next week's show:

Overall thoughts: Good ROH show here. They combined wrestling and entertainment in the matches and it worked out well. Both matches were totally fine with the main being really entertaining. Check it out.

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