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ROH TV 9/8/2012 Review

ROH TV 9/8/2012 Review
The Briscoe Brothers vs BLK-OUT
The Briscoes won this when Mark hit a top rope elbow drop. This was great. This was all action at a nice fast pace. Mark was so...interesting in this match. The man has lost it, and I loved every minute of it. America needs more kung-fu rednecks. Rating:**1/2
"Jim Cornette you brought me a problem and I brought you a solution, the man-beast Rhyno."
"Remember at the end of the day, truth always outnumbers scum" - Truth Martini on the Rhyno/Steen title match and possibility of Jacobs/Corino getting involved.

Mike Sydal vs Mike Bennett
"I'm wearing my day off hat. This is gonna be a walk in the park for the Prodigy." - Bob Evans
Mike Sydal won here afer Mike Mondo came down and kissed Maria. Mike Bennett then ran after him and got counted out. I think this match may have set the record for the most Mike's involved in one match. This was a good match though. This was easily Sydal's best outing yet and he's growing. I can assure that Jim Cornette see's him as one of his Chris Jericho or Ricky Morton style guys to attract the girls.
Ciampa won here with the move above called Project Ciampa. Decent match and it made Ciampa look good. The lawn dart throw to the outside must have sucked. After the match Nana fought with RD Evans.
"I'm gonna tell you one more time, this is my show." - Prince Nana
Evans said that he took all of Nana's earnings as of late and he stole his guy Ciampa.
Inside Ring of Honor
"Shelton's gonna be my cornerman in this tournament. He's gonna be there to see when I along with Rhett Titus win the semi's and the finals. And Rhett, I could care less if you like it or not. Deal with it." - Charlie Haas
"Homicide, you bring that fork to Chicago Ridge because I'm gonna feed you this *** whoopin'" - Jay Lethal
ROH Television Championship: Michael Elgin with Truth Martini and Guardian's of Truth vs Adam Cole
"What are you doin?" - Elgin
This match ended with no finish as almost everyone ran down and went at it. It's a shame as the match was good too, but they can't give away everything I guess.

Overall thoughts: Good show. Everything on here was solid and they made good use of their time. Check it out.

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